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Here we list for you to download, some of the current National Agreements negotiated by the CWU's Health and Safety Dept as well as agreed local documentation and proceedures.

Please bare with us as we develope this USR Resource - Check back weekly

Royal Mail Group

Reporting And Recording Accidents Safety Representatives Issue Escalation Process

Notification Of Accidents To Safety Representatives,
Accident Investigation And The Provision Of Accident Report Form Copies

Accident Reporting Issue Escalation Process Form For CWU Area Safety Representatives

Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Letter Template (Word format)

Royal Mail Group Dog Attack Compensation Claim Form

LTB001 2020 Post Office National Agreement Terms of Reference Trial of Body Armour Vests Non Ballistic.pdf

LTB002 2020 Health Safety Environment Department LTB Digest 2019.pdf

LTB 032/2020 - Blue Monday Samaritans Brew Monday National Rail Suicide Campaign Launched Today

LTB 033/2020 - Coronavirus and Avian Flu Outbreaks in China – Public Health England (PHE) Advice

LTB 043/2020 Coronavirus And Avian Flu Outbreaks In China

LTB 054/2020 Coronavirus Outbreak Update Advice

LTB 063/2020 Coronavirus Outbreak Update Advice Royal Mail Group World Health Organisation

LTB 066/2020 Checklist For Achieving Better Mental Health

LTB 068/2020 Royal Mail Group Environment Week 10th To 14th February 2020

LTB 071/2020 - Coronavirus Outbreak – General Update, Royal Mail Latest Advice, FAQs and CWU Royal Mail Members Returning From China

LTB 093/2020 Coronavirus Latest Update Information Advice Guidance 26 February 2020

LTB 096/2020 Coronavirus Royal Mail Group Managers Update Communication QA

LTB 111/2020 - Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – First Royal Mail Group Employee/CWU Member, Positive Test, Corona Virus Victim:

LTB 125 2020 Royal Mail Group Coronavirus Precautions Hygiene Supply Shortages Of Gloves.pdf

LTB 126/2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 – PDA Use and 'Signed For' Delivery Problems For Members on Royal Mail and Parcelforce Deliveries and Members in Customer Service Points (CSPs - Callers Offices)

LTB 127 2020 Sick Absence Due To Coronavirus Covid19

LTB 137/2020 Roya lMail Group Coronavirus Latest Questions Answers Guidance V12 Dated 17March 2020

LTB 138/2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak declared ‘Pandemic’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
– What Does it Mean?

LTB 142/2020 Re: Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Precautions & Hygiene – Supply Shortages of Gloves, Sanitizer Wipes, Soap, Detergents and Paper Towels

LTB 144/2020 Royal Mail Group Coronavirus Latest Questions Answers Guidance V14 Dated 19 March 2020

LTB 147/2020 Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Latest Questions & Answers Guidance
(V16) Dated 21 March 2020

LTB 148/2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 Issues – CWU Courses

LTB 149/2020 Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Temporary Relaxation Of The Enforcement Of The Eu And
Gb Drivers’ Hours Rules / Suspension Of Trailer Mot’s

LTB 153/2020 Quadrant Catering Covid-19 Response

LTB 155/2020 Royal Mail Guidance For Mail Centres Social Distancing

LTB 171/2020 Coronavirus - Temporary Change Of Process For Logistic And Area Distribution ADC’s In Cab Coaching In Line With The Business Policy On Social Distancing

LTB 172/2020 Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus COVID 19 Precautions, Hygiene and Supply Shortages
– Critical Supplies Update

LTB 173/2020 D2D NHS Campaign April 2020

LTB 178/2020 Legal Rights Of Employees In Unsafe Working Conditions

LTB 181 2020 Royal Mail Group CWU Actions On The Coronavirus Pandemic

LTB 183/2020 COVID 19 UPDATE Death Of Two CWU Members

LTB 203 2020 RMSS Relay Creation Of A Discrete Network For Covid19 Drive Through NHS Testing

LTB 252 2020 Coronavirus Government Announcement On Easing Lockdown Measures

LTB256 2020 Mental Health Awareness Week 18 -24 May 2020

LTB 259 2020 Mental Health Awareness Week 18-24 May 2020 RMG Campaign
Communications Plan Kindness Matters

LTB 271 2020 RM CWU Joint Statement Phase 2 To 3 National Operational
Requirements For The COVID19 Doorstep Self Test Kit Collection Service

LTB 273 2020 Post Office Covid19 Vulnerable People Policy

LTB 275 2020 Coronavirus Controls In The Workplace Joint Statement

LTB 281 2020 Launch Of NHS Test And Trace Service

LTB 298 2020 Coronavirus COVID19 Supporting Members Returning To Work

LTB 303 2020 Logistics Covid19 Response Occupational Driver Updates

LTB 313 2020 Royal Mail Uniform Supply (COVID-19)


LTB 318 2020 Coronavirus COVID19 Supporting Members Returning To Work


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