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Here we list for you to download, some of the current National Agreements negotiated by the CWU's Health and Safety Dept:

Please bare with us as we develope this USR Resource - Check back weekly

The following forms may be useful and can be downloaded as PDF files which can then be printed for use.

Cellar/Cable Chamber Safety Check Aide Memoire

Environmental Check Aide Memoire

General Building Safety Check Aide Memoire

Motor Transport Safety Check Aide Memoire

Office Building Check Aide Memoire

Stores Safety Check Aide Memoire

Vacated Areas Safety Check Aide Memoire

Factsheets on employment tribunal fees now available from the E-library here

LTB 014/2020 World Cancer Day 4th Feb 2020

LTB 015/2020 BT PERSONNEL - BT’s ‘Fit for Life’ 2020 Challenge

LTB 105/2020 BT Personnel – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

LTB 106/2020 BT Personnel Motion 72 Annual Conference 2019

LTB 110/2020 - BT Personnel - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

LTB 119/2020 BT Personnel - Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

LTB 122/2020 BT Workplaces And Coronavirus (COVID19)

LTB 175/2020 Covid-19 Update - BT Property and Facilities Services

LTB 178/2020 Legal Rights Of Employees In Unsafe Working Conditions

LTB 291 2020 BT Personnel Conference Motion 42 DomesticViolence



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