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CWU Demands Law Changes Following Woman Being Mauled To Death In Dog Attack

Yet another victim of a dog attack and yet again another family mauns the death of a loved one!

Police are investigating the death of a woman who was savaged to death by a dog at her home in south London.
Barbara Williams, in her 40s, suffered multiple injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, in Demesne Road,
Wallington, near Sutton, Surrey. Scotland Yard said the dog - believed to be a Belgian mastiff - was shot dead by
police firearms officers. The owner Alex Blackburn Smith, the main occupier of the premises who was not home
at the time of the attack was later arrested and faces Manslaughter charges. He is believed to be Ms Williams'
partner and the animal's owner. Belgian mastiffs can grow to a height of 32 inches (78cm) and weigh as much
as 50kg is not a banned breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Ms Williams death is the latest in a series of serious
dog attacks.

CWU National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce has been Campaigning for new Dangerous Dogs Laws since 2008, leading the Union's "Bite-Back" Campaign because 6000 Postmen and Women are attacked by dogs every year in the UK.

Dave said

"Yet again we hear the tragic news of another victim. This again sends a clear message
to government that unless legislation is toughened up, the streets are not safe from the menace of dangerous
dogs and there will be more attacks like this one."

Two Postmen were nearly killed in attacks in Sheffield and Cambridge.

Dave Joyce added,

"We've been campaigning and lobbying for changes to the current law because it just doesn’t go far enough to tackle the issue. The public agree that the current law does not provide adequate protection. Our campaign has gained the support of both the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland government,  and both will be changing the Law in 2011. We want the Westminster government to come off the fence and act now.

We want increased Police powers, dog control notices introduced, better enforcement and stiffer court penalties and the Act extended to cover attacks on private land where 70% of attacks on Postal workers occur but irresponsible owners are immune from prosecution.  More and more of us are becoming aware of this growing menace blighting our country across London and other urban and suburban areas.  The government needs to focus attention on tackling this problem now!" 

Source: CWU

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