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CWU Responds To The Government's Dangerous Dogs Consultation Results

The Communication Workers Union has responded to Defra Minister Lord Henley's publication of the Dangerous Dogs Consultation results. The Union, amongst its 250,000 membership, represents the 6000 Postal Workers and 400 Telecom Workers attacked by dogs every year

Dave JoyceCWU National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce who has led the Union's high-profile "Bite-Back" Campaign calling for an overhaul of the deficient Dangerous Dogs Laws said "I'm encouraged at the Minister's statement and the summary of responses to Defra’s dangerous dogs consultation which shows that around 80 per cent believe that new dangerous dogs legislation is needed and that it should be consolidated into one new law."

Dave Joyce added "CWU Members will welcome the fact that the Minister's announcement acknowledged that Dangerous dogs are a major issue and that he reiterated the government's commitment to effectively tackle dangerous dogs and bad, irresponsible owners."

"The key areas of interest to the CWU in the announcement was Lord Henley confirmation that government were looking closely at attacks on private property. The primary objective of the Union's campaign is to get the law extended to cover private land and premises because 70% of dog attacks on Postal Workers occur on private property where currently owners are immune from criminal prosecution."

Dave Joyce said "We're also pleased to see 84 per cent in favour of the introduction of compulsory microchipping which will help positively identify the owners of Dangerous Dogs, and we also welcome the fact that nearly 70% supported the introduction of Dog Control Notices (DCNs), another of the Union's key objectives."

The Union also wants to see compulsory Third-Party Insurance for Dogs introduced, as hundreds of seriously injured Postal Workers are unable to obtain compensation for serious debilitating injuries every year." 41% supported compulsory insurance in the consultation. Dave Joyce commented "This is one aspect, the implications of which are misunderstood by the government and the public and an issue which has been misrepresented in the media. We intend to continue lobbying on this point".

The CWU is however concerned that the Government has once again delayed any further announcements until the New Year. Dave Joyce concluded "From a public and worker safety perspective the current situation is unsustainable. This issue cannot be put off any longer and the Government needs to take action rather than put the matter to one side."

Source: CWU

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