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NW BT Union Safety Co-ord Members Attend National Dangerous Dogs Event

Members of the Co-ord  were pleased to attend the Dangerous Dogs Parliamentary event at Portcullis House organised by Angie Bray MP, Luciana Berger MP, Martin Horwood and Kit Malthouse the Deputy Mayor of London. In London alone there were 700 ambulance call-outs to dog attacks last year – 1700 dangerous dogs were taken off the streets compared with just 35 five years . There is concern that irresponsible dog owners are using dogs as a weapon and blighting many neighbourhoods and parks.  

appalling dog bite suffered by 8 yr oldThere are 400 telecom workers and 6000 postal workers attached by dogs every year. The Communication Workers Union took part in the recent Defra Dangerous Dogs consultation, along with 4249 respondents. We welcome the fact that it is acknowledged that dogs attacks and irresponsible ownership are a major issues. The current legislation is insufficient and not working, for example it does not cover private land nor premises where 70% of dog attacks to our members occur. Compulsory micro chipping, third party insurance and introduction of Dog Control Orders are all objectives of the CWU. We’d ask CWU members, and others, to highlight the EDM below to their MP’s, whatever party they are from as this is a cross party issue that has support from all quarters.

EDM 1202 “Responsible Dog Ownership” was placed before the house on 14th December by Andrew Rosindale

That this House believes that irresponsible dog ownership causes significant problems for the safety and welfare of both humans and animals; believes that to promote responsible dog ownership all dog owners should ensure their dogs are microchipped; notes that current legislation is proving inadequate to ensure sufficient protection for people and animals; believes there is a need to ensure there are sufficient resources at a local level potentially self-funded and a Bill that consolidates the legislation so that it has a genuine preventative effect, as well as tougher sanctions to address the problem; and calls on the Government to act forthwith and bring forward suitable proposals to achieve this.

The photograph on the left shows just how appalling injuries can be for the victims of dangerous dogs attacks. Few people fully understand the degree of injury suffered by those attacked, not to mention the psychological damage caused to those surviving such attacks. The full story of what happened to 8 year old Sky Barker pictured here can be read on line at the Daily Mail's news website here

Source: Derek Maylor / Daily Mail

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