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New Updated Design Versions Of Postal Workers Trolleys Announced

CWU has updated its Postal Branches Branches regarding the service and maintenance arrangements for the High Capacity Trolleys (HCT) and Light Weight Trolleys (LWT) and to further advise Branches and representatives that new revised versions of both trolleys have been developed with the full involvement of the CWU Walk Design Group.

Writing in letter to branches, LTB1052/10, Bob Gibson  Assistant Secretary and Dave Joyce National Health, safety & Environment Officer advise:

All trolleys have now undergone rigorous user testing and safety concurrence and are now available for use. These new models are intended to supplement the current models which will be phased out in line with their service life expectancy.

The new design incorporates a number of improved features including:

  • Easy assembly
  • More stability and reliability
  • Improved wheel design

The new design incorporates a number of improved features including:

  • Superior manoeuvrability as a result of front castor wheels
  • Lightweight solid body with interior framework
  • Disk brakes
  • Undercarriage storage facility and bundle holder
  • Increased capacity to 47 kg unladen;  (approved to carry 75 kg of mail; max gross weight 122 kg)

Each trolley will be tagged to ensure that it can be clearly identified and a training package has been developed to accompany the revised versions of trolleys, which supplements the current training arrangements. The Safe Systems of Work and training documents are attached to this LTB along with the user instructions (MK3) for further reference.

All delivery trolley maintenance and repair will be carried out by Romec on site by arrangement with the Delivery Office Manager who will be provided with a copy of the attached documentation for the purposes of inspection. Faults should be reported via the property and facilities helpdesk.

LWTs are subject to a 12 monthly service inspection routine, and HCTs and EHCTs are subject to a 6 monthly inspection routine. This is in addition to the daily user checks.

There is no change to the deployment policy relating to this equipment and these aspects are covered in detail within LTB 920/07, however the security policy has been revised.

Further information can be obtained by CWU members from the respective union branch.

Source: CWU

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