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CWU Issues Urgent Advice On Serious Structural Failure On 'Greenock' Backless IPS Sorting Frame

Dave Joyce, CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer has issued an urgent safety notice and advice to all Postal Branches, via LTB900/12.

It was issued today, further to his urgent communication to Area Safety Representatives via Regional Health and Safety Forum Secretaries on Monday 3rd December; requesting urgent Safety Inspections be carried out on all Sorting Frames following the collapse of as new type 'Greenock' Flat Fronted, Backless IPS sorting frame at Croydon DO.

Dave JoyceThe New Delivery Methods Programme, Indoor Work Method Improvement Principles has seen the introduction of new IPS arrangements, using backless letters/flat sorting frame fittings, where space permits, and associated portering arrangements using trolleys to keep people sorting and minimise movement.

On Monday morning 3rd December 2012, one of these Frames collapsed. Fortunately neither the staff member working at the frame or nearby staff were injured in what was a 'near-miss'.

Our urgent advice to ASRs extended to requesting that ALL types of Sorting Frames be urgently inspected, 'Greenock' Backless Sorting Frames, Standard Box Fitting Sorting Frames and RM 2000 Prep Sorting Frames - as the Health, Safety & Environment Department is also aware of reports of badly assembled RM 2000 Fittings, which has been previously raised with Royal Mail.

With the agreed addition of 5th and 6th Wings to RM 2000's it is even more important to ensure the these frames have been put together in a structurally safe and fit for purpose condition and that they do not have vital structural components missing such as bolts missing or support legs, struts, braces, cross members missing which are required to reinforce and make safe the under-chassis and work area structure.

There have been several reported incidents of Frames put together with plastic "Bag Ties/Cable Ties" which is not acceptable to Royal Mail HQ or CWU HQ!

Full details of the incident and appropriate health and safety advice is given within the lenthy letter to branches (LTB) which can be downloaded direct here

Source: CWU

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