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STUC Welcomes Scottish Government Procurement Guidelines On Blacklisting

The STUC has welcomed the stark contrast between the UK Government's stance on industrial relations and that of the government in Scotland.

Pic: STUC logoThe Scottish Government guidelines published end of November, clarify the circumstances under which public bodies can exclude or remove suppliers who have engaged in blacklisting to the detriment of the livelihoods of workers.

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“The Scottish Government approach to industrial relations is in welcome contrast to the opportunistic and wrong-headed stance adopted by a range of UK Tory ministers who seem to believe that trade union bashing can divert attention from their continuing failure on the economy and the cost of living crisis.

The practice of blacklisting is, and always has been, one of the most abhorrent attacks to be carried out against workers, many of whom have had their careers and livelihoods ruined or significantly undermined. Construction companies, most of them household names, regularly accessed a secretive database containing information on trade union members and used this to disqualify skilled workers from employment."

He added:

"Many workers were blacklisted for normal trade union activities and for raising key issues such as health and safety.

The STUC welcomes the Scottish Government’s procurement guidelines, which follow extensive and constructive discussions with unions. They make it clear that public bodies should only give new public contracts where blacklisting employers have taken appropriate remedial action in a number of key areas including making an apology to the affected workers; issuing a statement on future conduct; and proving compliance with any tribunal ruling made against them in relation to blacklisting.

The STUC also welcomes the provision for the potential removal of an existing contract from any firm which is proven to have lied in its tender submission. The STUC is committed to working with the Scottish Government to monitor the use of this guidance and provide further evidence where we believe the practice of blacklisting continues.”

Source: STUC

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