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Does Your Asthma Get Worse At Work? - Asks HSE

Twenty years ago the TUC warned that one in five cases of adult asthma were related to work, a figure disputed at the time by both safety and medical authorities. Now it is accepted as fact after being been confirmed repeatedly in health studies. But TUC also warned that workplace exposures were also a major problem for workers with pre-existing asthma. Now the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is investigating this problem.

HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory wants to get in touch with adults of working age with asthma, so it can evaluate the numbers adversely affected by exposures at work and the extent of those effects.

Participants will be sent a short questionnaire by post to complete in their own time. Then they just have to post it back to the researchers in the freepost envelope provided.

HSE says the information from this survey will help the researchers to better understand the relationship between “work aggravated asthma” symptoms, work efficiency, days missed off work due to illness, and the procedures put in place by employers to support people with asthma.

To take part in the study, email Jade Sumner at HSL. Telephone: 01298 218 803.

Source: TUC Risks

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