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Introducing A New Member Of The Health And Safety Co-ord


Well, not exactly brand-new!

Pic: Shaun LeeIt's just that the web editor has taken some time to catch up with events!

So, with apologies to Shaun for the delay; here is a belated news item:

With the retirement of John Williams at the end of August, Mersey Branch of the CWU has a change of Health & Safety Co-ordinator in the form of Shaun Lee, pictured left.

Shaun has taken up his new role with some enthusiasm, to say the least; and is an involved member of the co-ord always willing to absorb new information and act upon it where required.

Never known as 'the quiet one' Shaun doesn't give the officers an easy time as he questions and makes suggestions; and always involves himself in the debate regarding the issues being discussed - and often with some humour.

Full details of Shaun's background can be read by clicking on his pic.

In the meantime the editor has some grovelling to do!

Source: Web Editor

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