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CWU Greater Mersey Amal H&S Reps Win Wirral Council ‘Mind Your Business’ Road Safety Awards 2017

Branch Safety Reps, Jamie McGovern Area Safety Rep and Mark Evans Sub Area Safety Rep have accomplished work on road safety culminating in winning awards at the 2017 MYB Road Safety Awards.

Pic: Road Safety WBC Tweets

The awards detail the end of a really successful safety initiative in our Wirral & Cheshire D.O’s. We were very honoured to receive 2 awards at the 2017 Mind Your Business Road Safety awards, writes Jamie McGovern in his review of the work on road safety being done on the Wirral.

Pic: Winning USRsThe CWU reps locally & also at Branch level have extended special thanks to both Paul Leatherbarrow from Wirral Council, & Sergeant Paul Mountford from Merseyside Police roads policing team for their continued support.

So far, the team have completed 10 delivery office site safe driver presentations on the Wirral to over 350 delivery staff in our units!!

There is no cost (only time) the presentation is completely free. Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes. Each session is focused totally on promoting safe & responsible driving in the Wirral area.

The comparisons are pretty favourable when you look at the accident stats in the Wirral & Cheshire units that were visited. This has only been done this in raw format, comparing from period 1 thru 10 for 2016.   

The following comparison is from reported RTC’s. (Road traffic collisions)

It is pertinent to point out that that most of our units were visited by the Road safety teams in period 1-3 for 2016 and we may now see the results reflected in the stats from month 4 onwards as we have only had 15 out of 26 RTC’s after month 4 (to month 10 for comparison) in 2016.

So in summary, significant improvements have been recorded after sites were visited by Police & Wirral council road safety teams:
Pic: Road Safety Award certificates

2014 – 39 RTCs
2015- 35 RTCs
2016- 24 RTCs   

31.4% improvement

(39% 2 year improvement comparison) 

There is current safety target within Royal Mail for this year (2017) and it is the key area of Road Safety and RTC (Road Traffic Collisions) The reductions annual performance improvement target is 7% with a stretch target of 12% improvement. 

The feedback from these presentations has been really good. See example below.

  • The information and interaction from the visitors and the team was brilliant!!!
    Staff even got involved with demonstrations and questions.
  • WOW. What a great presentation this morning. The silence was deafening. The end video was one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen!!!

The video played at the end of the session can be viewed by clicking on the picture below:

Pic: stills from road safety video

It is quite hard hitting and almost brought a tear to the eye and a lump in the throat in some delivery offices, however the video does speak volumes and supports the ultimate aim, which is to reduce accidents caused by careless/drunk/drugged/reckless drivers.
The picture below is of CWU REPS collecting the ‘Drive Safe’ Van stickers from Wirral Council.

Pic: Group collecting stickers

Special thanks are also offered to Mark Evans (Sub Area H&S Rep) for his support in the arranging of the site visits.


Pic: Road Safety vehicle stickers

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