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Old Tyres Bill Gets Buried In Tory Government Objections

Following the successful first reading in October, Maria Eagle MP for Halewood & Garston was doe to be moving the second reading of the Tyres (Buses & Coaches) Bill in the House of Commons today.

Pic: Baby holding Tyred leafletThe Tyred Campaign, supported by our Branch Area Safety Rep Jamie McGovern, who spear headed our Branch involvement in the campaign; and T&FS Safety Rep Brian Coupland, was launched earlier this year.

Frances Molloy, whose son Michael was killed as a result of over 19 year old tyres being used on a coach that crashed and killed him and a second passenger on the coach; as pursured legislation to ban tyres older than ten years ever since the avoidable accident in the September of 2012.

Full details of the campaign were reported on this website, and can be read again here in this news item: Merseyside MP Proposes New Law To Ban Tyres That Kill

Social media was alive and well yesterday and today pushing the message to the Government that this Bill should be supported by them and nothing should be put in the way to delay it's passage through Parliament towards the day of it becoming part of UK law.

However, at the last minute this Tory Government once again put profits before the lives and health and safety of the travelling public - school children, teenagers, and pensionsers!

They objected to the Bill getting it's second reading reported Maria Eagle on her Twitter feed:

Pic: Maria Eagle tweet

It will still remain perfectly legal to use 20 year old tyres on coaches and buses, enabling yet another fatal crash that will rob other families of their loved ones!

Secretary of State, Chris Grayling, and minister Jesse Norman are spineless says Frances Molloy today on Twitter:

Pic Frances Molloy tweet

So what is so terrible, costly, and simply adding more 'red tape' on business that makes the Government object to this Bill? Read it for yourself here, and see if you can think of anything to object to!

Once again the Tories have continue to be the callous, immoral; 'nasty' party!

Let us see if they remain the same when the Bill makes a second attempt to be read on Friday 19th January!

Source: C Ingram / Twitter / Parliament UK

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