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RoSPA Top Safety Award For CWU National Health And Safety Officer

Unionsafety is proud to announce that Dave Joyce of CWU's Health, Safety and Environment department has won a top award for the work he does in promoting health and safety in the workplace and on protecting the environment.

Communication Workers Union National Health, Safety and Environment Officer Dave Joyce has been recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) with the Society’s prestigious top award for individuals – the health and safety ‘Guardian Angel’ award.

The top health and safety accolade is awarded to individuals who have made a demonstrable difference in the world of safety and injury prevention through their initiative, diligence, enthusiasm, commitment and preparedness to go the extra mile. Dave received his award at a special presentation ceremony and is pictured with RoSPA President and Former Labour Health and Safety Minister Lord Bill McKenzie.

Dave is the first Trade Unionist to receive the award. Similarly he was the first Trade Unionist winner of the IOSH (Institute of Safety & Health) top award in 2011.

Dave received the award in recognition of his tireless work to promote a safer working environment for all and his outstanding record of achievements in workplace safety, road safety, public safety as well as improving safety representation and involvement for Union Safety Reps. In particular UK’s top safety body recognised Dave’s immeasurable accomplishments whilst single-handedly spearheading the CWU ‘Bite-Back’ campaign, resulting in significant Dangerous Dogs Law changes to protect thousands of CWU members as well as children and the public at large.
RoSPA’s President Lord McKenzie of Luton said:

“RoSPA is delighted to recognise the dedication of Dave Joyce with the RoSPA top individual Award. Dave is committed to fostering a safe working culture, not only thinking about the safety of those who he represents but also looking to improve safety in society and inspire others.”

Errol Taylor, RoSPA Deputy Chief Executive & Strategic Partnerships Director added:

“Dave's inspirational on many levels and his self-motivation is remarkable.”

Commenting on the award to the Union's long standing National Health And Safety Officer, Dave Ward CWU General Secretary said:

Pic: Dave Receives the award“We are very proud of Dave’s achievement. Health and safety is extremely important to us and something we take very seriously so we are delighted that Dave is the first Trade Union winner of this prestigious award.

The current Dog Control Laws in the UK owes much of Dave's commitment, enthusiasm and leadership. Dave's inspirational on many levels and his self-motivation is remarkable, campaigning for new Dog Control Laws for seven years, working tirelessly and never giving up until he succeeded.

Not many people will achieve something of that magnitude. We will never know how many incidents that Dave will have prevented, and lives they have saved as a result of his work."

Dave recently worked with IOSH on the ‘No Time To Lose’ Occupational Work-Cancer Campaign, regarding Sun Safety for CWU Members and worked with MIND the Mental Health Charity and Royal Mail on ‘Work-Stress’ and ‘Mental Health’ through “Time To Change”, introducing new assessment and support policies and has also been championing the TUC’s ‘Dying To Work’ charter, getting Royal Mail and BT to support the protocol and sign-up.  

Derek Maylor, Chair of the North West BT Unions Health and Safety Co-ord commented:

"The Co-ord congratulates Dave and at the same time applauds him for the work he does as our National Officer.

For us, the quality of the work and the dedication to the issues we as Branch Health and Safety Co-ordinators, and all our Union safety Reps are concerned with; can only be fully addressed when the Union is committed to promoting best practice and working with our employers to establish this in the workplace.

For that, we need a strong, knowledgeable and authoritive national officer, which we have in Dave.

His dedication to the cause, is second to none!"

Dave Joyce was delighted that RoSPA had decided to recognise a Trade Unionist.

He said of the 'Bite-Back' campaign:

"It was a long, hard road but I was under no illusions from the outset that a tough task and long climb lay ahead of me. There are many memories of the campaign. Meeting many of our injured and maimed members around the country motivated me to fight the cause but meeting many of the parents of children killed and mutilated in Dog Attacks was heartbreaking and an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Pic: Dave with Lord McKenzieRoSPA established the Award as a way of recognising exceptional individuals, whose commitment to safety, health and accident prevention is displayed through personal initiative, diligence and enthusiasm. RoSPA, a charity with a history stretching back a hundred years decided to introduce a special awards scheme for outstanding individuals in their field.

Website editor, Chris Ingram added his congratulations on a personal level:

" Dave in every way deserves this recognition from RoSPA and in every sense of the word. Even through his recovery period from a horrendous road traffic accident, he stayed in contact as much as possible with his department and the Union's safety reps.

Dave is always approachable, supportive and informative and can be relied on to help Branches and their Co-ordinators as much as possible.

He makes my job as editor of this website a lot easier, via his LTBs and through the articles he sends me directly."

It would be indeed be, a very sad day, and backwards step for this Union if he was ever to leave his position as head of CWU's Health and safety department."

Dave Joyce Profile:

Dave Joyce is the Communication Workers Union's National Health, Safety & Environment Officer. He was elected in 2003 and re-elected in 2008 and again in 2013. Before that he was the Chair of the Union's National Executive Council's Health, Safety & Environment Committee from 1995 - 2003 and prior to that he served the Union as a Branch and Regional Secretary and TUC Delegation member as well as a Trade Union Health and Safety Representative from 1978 - 1995.

Dave is a qualified Engineer and Health & Safety Professional, and is the Union's lead spokesperson and negotiator on Health, Safety and Environmental issues dealing with employers, government departments, Ministers and enforcing authorities (Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities, Fire Service and Police etc).

He is a member of the TUC's Union Health & Safety Specialists Committee, and has represented both the CWU and the TUC nationally and internationally on workers Health & Safety issues, in particular those affecting CWU members. He is now widely recognised as a leading Trade Union authority on Health & Safety at work, and leads a number of CWU and Trade Union campaigns for improving occupational health & safety at work.

Source: CWU / Derek Maylor / Chris Ingram / Dave Joyce

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