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Royal Mail Group - 5-Year Mental Health Strategy – “Healthy Minds Matter”

CWU's National Health, Safety & Environment Officer, Dave Joyce has advised all postal branches of the Union of Royal Mail's mental health strategy for the next 5 years.

Pic: Dave JoyceWriting in letter to branches (LTB508/17), Dave details the strategy as well as reminding branches of next month's World Mental Health Day 2017 which will see the launch of activities as part of the Strategy and plan:

Discussions have been taking place with the RMG Health Team on the subject of Mental Health in all its forms, including stress, anxiety and depression.

The Health, Safety & Environment Department has continued to pursue Mental Health issues as a priority, in line with CWU Conference Policy and we have agreed to work closely together on this important subject matter with full CWU involvement at every level developing the Strategy, strengthening support to those in need and in crisis, raising awareness, reducing stigma, signposting people to the right place and putting in place the tools, help and support those with Mental Health conditions providing effective responses and solutions.

Royal Mail Group’s 5-Year Mental Health Strategy and plan is entitled “Healthy Minds Matter”.

As part of this new approach, there will be a review of all Royal Mail Group’s people policies to further improve the employer’s approach and response to Mental Health conditions. All managers will be trained, informed and equipped to support staff with appropriate interventions and signposting.

The Strategy has four key strategic aims:-

1. Raising Awareness - Develop and build awareness amongst the workforce at all levels.
2. Reducing Stigma – Work towards a culture where mental health can be discussed.
3. Tools Provision - Signpost to tools and support.
4. Knowing what to do in a crisis – Ensure all employees are clear on where to get support in a crisis, for ourselves and others.

The Strategy and Plan stages are:-  

* Year 1 and 2 2017/18 – Benchmark and deploy standards to raise awareness,· educate and provide tools for managers and employees.

* Year 2 and 3 2018/19 - Review current policies and practices, identifying appropriate· changes that further improve the ways RMG supports Mental Health.  

* Year 3 to 5 2019/20 - 2021/22 – Review the impact of the interventions and· programmes and plan as appropriate. Demonstrable culture change.

World Mental Health Day 10th October 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017 will see the launch of activities as part of the Strategy and plan including:-

• A dedicated WTLL/RMTV week beginning Monday, 9th October 2017.

• A Managers E-learning module launch. (CWU ASRs will be able to do this training Module).

• Courier content or insert.

• Everyday People Video (CSR) internal and external promotion.

• A new Mental Health “Z card” issued to all staff on how to access support.

• Communicating details of a new forthcoming Mental Health ‘Ambassador Programme’ Pilot.

• A Text Message, Donate/Fundraiser for the RMG charity partner ‘Action For Children’.

• A Mental Health Postmark. Initial prevention and education planned activity includes:

• A mandatory 20 minute e-learning module for all managers (as above).

• Communications campaign launching in October with WTLL, RMTV and Courier.

• Mental Health Video ‘Everyday People’ commissioned by CSR.

Full details are available in the original LTB508/17 Royal Mail Group's 'Statement of Intent' can be downloaded here

The Mental Health Strategy itself can be downloaded here

All documents can be downloaded from the Elibrary Database here

Source: CWU / Royal Mail

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