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CWU Conference Debates Dangerous Dogs

Area Safety Rep from the North West, Jamie McGovern spoke in a very important debate for CWU Postal members this morning at the Union's Annual Conference in Bournemouth this morning.

Speaking on behalf of his Branch, Jamie supported a motion moved by York and District Branch's Tony Pedel regarding the creation of a single dog register which will go along way to give postal delivery staff a better chance of avoiding the risk of being bitten by a dog.

The motion reads:

Conference instructs the National Executive to work with the Political Fund Management Committee (PFMC) to lobby the Parliamentary Labour Party to submit a private members bill for the creation of a National Data Registration Base of Dog Ownership and a legal requirement of a public warning notice / sign to be displayed on any property where a dog or
dogs are normally kept by the named legal dog owner.

You can watch the full conference debate via our Conference Reports page.

Source: CWU / unionsafety


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