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We Can Live Together Well With Cancer, Not Just Dieing Of It Says Tessa Jowel

In a short debate in the House of Lords on Evaluating Innovative Cancer Treatments, Making Them Available Through The NHS and raising life expectancy for cancer patients; former Labour Government cabinet member Tessa Jowel who campaigned successfully for Britian to be the host country for the Olympic Games of 2012; stood to open the debate.

Pic: Baroness Tessa JowellThe debate identified the fact that the UK is amongst the lowest of 30 countries that lead on cancer care and the need for innovative and new treatments to be available to everyone via the NHS and n ot just those who have the knwoledge of new treatments or know leading health clinicians and so are abale to pay for and access innovative treatments.

What made this debate somewhat poigniant was the fact that Baroness Jowell, as she is known in the House of Lords; is suffering from an agressive form of brain cancer and has had surgery to remove the tumour.

Despite her prognosis being terminal, she gave a speech which resulted in her being given a standing ovation followed by many tributes to her from Lords across the political divide for both her speech and here work as a politician.

Watching the videa clip below, CWU members will no doubt recognise former Depouty General Sectretary T&FS Jeannie Drake, now Baroness Drake, seated behind Tessa Jowell; holding back tears as she listens to her words expressed with dignity.

Pic: Standing ovationHer speech confined istelf to promoting the need for an international knowledge-base that will benefit all patients suffesring from cancer, no matter thier background and finanical standing.

Elliminate Cancer Initiative is an organisation that recognises that not one nation can solve and develope treatments on its own, and therefore has put together the following aims:

1 Link doctors and patients across the world through a clinical trial network.

2 Speed up use of active trials.

3 Build a global database to improve research and patient care.

ECI has a very important cloud-based platform which can be accessed by doctors and physicians across the world. It is all about sharing knowledge, best practice and new treatments in order to speed up the ability of healthcare across the world to beat this very agressive form of cancer for which there has been nom development of treatment over the last 50 years.

Tessa Jowell ended her speech with these words:

" In the end what gives a life meaning is not only how it is lived, but how it draws to a close. I hope that this debate will give hope to other cancer patients like me, so that we can live well togther with cancer, not just dieing of it. All of us, for longer."

You can watch Tessa Jowell's speech below:


If you want to watch the whole short debate, you can do so by clicking on this link and going to the part of the debate starting with Tessa Jowell at 16:29 on the timeline.

Source: Parliament TV

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