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Royal Mail Mobile Phone And Driving Safety Campaign Announced

Next week starting Monday 12th August is the start of Royal Mail's driving safely campaign aimed at educating all their employers on the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving. The campaign has the backing of trade unions, CWU and Unite.

The announcement of the campaign was issued to all CWU branches with Royal Mail members by the CWU's Health and Safety Department via LTB470/19.

Royal Mail Group's distinct policy on the use of mobile phones whilst driving is basic: It IS Forbidden!

Mobile phones, PDAs or any other device including hands free that may cause distraction whilst driving on duty is a breach of RM Group's business standards, irrespective of which part of the Group's business an individual is employed.

Facts and Figures

  • Drivers talking on the phone are four times more likely to be in a crash that causes injury, even if using hands-free devices.
  • Having a telephone conversation takes focus off driving, and it is this mental distraction rather than any physical distraction, which causes the increased risk.
  • Distracted drivers have 35% slower reaction times and poorer lane control.
  • Drivers reading and sending text messages are 23 times more likely to crash than an attentive driver.
  • In the Department of Transport Annual report published in 2016, there were 83 cases where drivers were involved in a fatal accident related to using their mobile or being distracted while driving.  A further 459 drivers were involved in a serious RTC related to mobile phone use and distractions while driving.

Further information is given in the letter to branches, including the fact that CWU Area Safety Reps are to be fully involved and consulted on joint Road Safety Week activities. This includes carrying out visits to units, safety inspections and speaking to drivers. ASRs full support is very much appreciated by Royal Mail Group and the CWU.

This includes

  • Assist the Front-Line Manager in delivering the WTLL (which will be published on Friday 9 August).
  • Carry out additional activities to increase awareness.
  • Remind drivers of LGV’s and HGV’s (where applicable) to carry out preparations checks in their cabs before they set out on their journeys.

ASRs are asked to agree with Operational Managers, which units they plan to visit and jointly support managers during the Road Safety Campaign.

The full LTB complete with supporting documents can be downloaded here

Source: CWU / Royal Mail


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