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Johnson’s Brexit Proposals Are Major Attack On Worker’s Rights, Environment,
Food Safety, And Health

With the news media in this country ignoring and not reporting the detrimental affects of the latest plan for the UK to leave the EU on worker’s rights, environmental and food safety standards; it is up to pressure groups, Trade Unions, and charities to raise the alarm and point out what really is evident in the plans submitted to the EU on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis by a UK Prime Minister known for his blatant lies and false promises.

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan scraps the "level playing field" on workers and environmental rights and food safety. The threat his proposals would pose to the Good Friday Agreement is of major urgency, but the EU's concerns go well beyond this, with Johnson seeking full regulatory divergence from Europe.

Today it was revealed that he has ordered the Metropolitan Police to use ‘the full force of the law’ against Climate Extinction demonstrators planning to appear outside Parliament in the next few days.

This is code for ‘go-in hard’ maximise arrests and of course, the use of violence against demonstrators will go ‘unnoticed and unreported’ by the UK news media.

This website has frequently warned of the true intent of project Brexit and now Boris Johnson has made it clear, by removing the “level playing field” negotiated in Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement; that the real agenda of the Tories, the ERG, and those around him is to use Brexit as an excuse for and enabler of major assaults on workers' rights and environmental regulations.

Pic: Thompsons Solictior briefing coverThompsons Solicitors said last week after fully reviewing Johnson’s Brexit plan:

“The Conservative government has completely whitewashed workers’ rights from its revised stance on Brexit.

This isn’t a case of protection for workers being pushed to the bottom of the pile – it’s a case of them being ignored altogether.

In reading government’s revised proposals we note there is no mention of workers’ rights whatsoever.

Even the meaningless and already-inadequate protections featured in Annex 4 to Theresa May’s original Northern Ireland Protocol have been expressly deleted – showing how little value this government places on the rights of working citizens.

This so-called ‘deal’ will be as bad for workers’ rights as the threatened no-deal Brexit, and is a troubling sign of things to come under Johnson’s premiership.”

Evidence for that view, was provided by a Cabinet source:

“The level playing field has to go, and Boris is very clear about this. It would seriously restrict our ability to deregulate and do trade with other countries.” 

Former TUC President and People’s Vote supporter Baroness Prosser commented:

"Boris Johnson and other Brexiters have made it clear they want to use Brexit as an opportunity to do away with regulations protecting workers, the environment and standards.”

With British negotiators being keen to abandon EU restrictions on genetically modified food – a key demand of American trade lobbyists.

Pic: US Trade Objectives - click to download from E-LibraryThis Tory government is ensuring that trade negotiations are kept secret and undemocratic. But, as this website reported earlier this year, Trump’s trade department has revealed what American big business wants out of the UK in a trade deal, including:

Allowing the sale of hormone-filled beef. Hormones used in US cattle farming are banned here because they are deemed harmful and even carcinogenic. But US farming companies want us to drop these rules and stock our shelves with hormone-filled beef.
Getting the NHS to pay more for drugs and equipment. The NHS already pays eye-watering amounts for medicine and equipment. But US drug companies see Brexit as a chance to push the UK to remove price controls so they can charge even more.
Letting more pesticides be used. US big business wants the UK to lift bans on many pesticides so it can import grains to our markets. But these pesticides are currently banned because of dangers to the environment.

The deal could intensify the climate crisis too by preventing different rules for dirty fossil fuels and renewable energy, and undermining the strong regulation needed to compel climate action.

Worse still, foreign bodies in food could be part of post-Brexit US trade deal.

In 2019, it may sound a fantasy, but noodles infested with rat hair and insects in chocolates and peanut butter are some of the fears of what a post-Brexit trade deal with the US could bring.

Business Insider has revealed that producers in the US stick to a'Defects Levels Handbook'which sets out the maximum number of ‘foreign bodies’ that can be in food products on the market, before the Federal Food Administration takes action, and of course with minimal resources.

Commenting on the current serious risk of a no deal exit from the EU, and referring specifically to the NHS, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis speaking ahead of the opening of the 151st Trades Union Congress in Brighton, said:

 “A no deal risks severe shortages of drugs and vital medical equipment, with the potential for cancelled operations and appointments. Increased waiting times will further stretch public confidence in the NHS.

Brexit hasn’t just stopped potential EU recruits coming here to join the NHS, it’s also convinced those already working here that they’re better off elsewhere.

No deal risks wrecking the fragile social care sector that’s reliant on EU nationals. If care collapses, A&E departments will be inundated and elderly patients won’t be able to leave hospital as they’ve nowhere to go.”

Referring to NHS clinical staff shortages he added:

“If freedom of movement ends, the staffing headache suffered by NHS trusts countrywide becomes a full-blown migraine attack. Many thousands of EU nationals have yet to apply for settled status and it’s anyone’s guess what that means for their jobs.

The catalogue of logistical nightmares goes on. The NHS serves more than 140 million meals to patients every year, with much of the food imported from Europe.”

He concluded by saying:

“Possible fuel shortages could have a severe impact on 6,500 emergency ambulances and their crews operating countrywide, especially those in areas with lorries queuing out of the ports. But the real tragedy is that the millions spent on no-deal Brexit preparations could have been invested in rebuilding communities. Instead, real issues affecting people’s lives are being ignored – to the nation’s eternal shame.”

Pressure group, Global Justice Now said this week:

“His [Johnson’s] top priority is a trade deal with the US. But this comes at huge cost to people’s lives and the environment. It’s no surprise, he’s been cosying up to Trump, and both have been singing each other’s praises. With a general election on the horizon and Brexit looming, it’s vital we stand together against a toxic trade deal with the US.”

Baroness Prosser didn’t, mince her words either:

“Someone as untrustworthy as Johnson cannot have the final say on Brexit – it must be the public. That’s why huge numbers will be marching through London on October 19th demanding a People’s Vote.”

Source: Unison / Nursing Times / Global Justice Now / Business Insider / FDA

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