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Public Health England Mental Health Campaign “Every Mind Matters” To Be
Re-launched In October

At the end of October 2018, Public Health England launched a major new Mental Health Campaign entitled, “Every Mind Matters” in Birmingham and aimed at the whole of the Midlands.

The campaign highlighted that while we can all feel stressed, anxious, low or have trouble sleeping, there are simple actions we can take to manage these issues and prevent them from becoming more serious.

Pic: Every Mind Matters - click to go to websiteIt encouraged people to visit the Every Mind Matters guide, a free NHS-approved online resource which provides expert advice, practical tips, and experiences from real people to help manage these issues and those of others.

Now some 12 months later, the campaign is t be re-launched, but this time across the whole of England. Despite the Government claiming this is a new initiative, as stated above it is not, and there is no new money being spent on mental health campaigns by this Tory government.

There is a Public Health Engalnd website dedicated to the campaign, but it can only be accessed after registering and given that the NHS is busy selling so-called anonymised data from patients to numerous bodies, one wonders whether or not registration means they will be collecting the data of every person registering, assuming that they are individuals who suffer from mental health issues.

It will be interesting if those doing so end up with advertising from private healthcare companies on their social media and in the emails.

A 60 minute media webinar can also be accessed from the website, after registering, which gives details of how the campaign has been developed and what the campaign involves. The launch of the campaign is around 7th October, but this remains as yet unconfirmed according to the campaign briefing.

The briefing is not yet available for coverage in the public domain, and is EMARGOED until 7th October; but is obtainable via the campaign website after registering here

Source: Gov Information Website

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