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IF Workers Expect To Be Safe At Work They Undermine The UK Fight Against Covid-19

This is the message given by the Daily Telegraph to every worker in this country. To expect their employer to obey UK law, follows HSE guidance and advice to business, the workers of this country are being unpatriotic and allowing the Covid-19 virus to expand and kill further tens of thousands of people; and damaging the economy by not simply going back to work when told!

As for the NHS and care-workers, they should not expect safety at work either whilst the NHS should not utilise risk assessments to determine the safety of PPE of the hospital their nurses and doctors work in.

They are there to save lives and not protect themselves - that is not what they are being paid for!

Pic: Telegraph 27th April Front PageWhilst these exact words are not in the Daily Telegraph edition on the eave of 28th April (International Workers Memorial Day), the sentiment and message is exactly the same! This is dickensian at best and at worst is a determined portrayal of the deaths of workers as being worthless against the rights of employers to put profit before all else!

Their headlines:

Trade unions threaten to undermine 'back to work' drive as they call for risk assessments in every workplace, coupled with a sub-heading of, The TUC reported that two in five employees are concerned about going back to work;

are nothing more than continued hatred of and campaigning against Trade Unions that we have come to expect from the mainstream media in this country.

It also shows their total lack of knowledge when it comes to workplace health & safety because risk assessments are required in ALL workplaces anyway! They are part of every employer's H&S policies and an integral part of the HSE's guidance to businesses! Unless of course such businesses are not acting as a good employer!

The article claims:

'Trade unions have threatened to undermine the Government’s back to work drive, with one major union warning two fifths of workers are worried about returning.'

and further:

'But the Trades Union Congress (TUC), which represents more than 5 million workers across around 50 unions in the UK, said all employers should be forced to produce risk assessments for their workers before they are allowed to return to work.'

It further says that the TUC has stated that one in five workers are afraid to go back to work, and then criticises the very thing that will make employees feel safer to go back to - legislated action ALL employers must take to ensure the safety of their workers whilst at the workplace!

It is all part and parcel of the Telegraph's, with the rest of the right-wing media's long and continued campaign against ALL worker's rights and wish for them to be repealed!

Not only is this disingenuous of the TUC position, the HSE position and that of H&S At Work legislation, but it goes against the Employment Rights Act 1996.

In that Act it is clear that employees have the right to a safe working place and environment, and the right to withdraw their labour if they fear they are at risk of injury or death if they remain at work!

The Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety At Work Regulations 1999 makes it clear that ALL risks must be assessed and mitigated against. That means risk assessments are part of ALL Hospital and Carehome environments and are done as a matter of course, in order to ensure the health and safety of both STAFF, and by necessity of PATIENTS and of course to VISITORS is ensured as much as is reasonable practicable.

As per usual, the right-wing media of this country, uses distortions, and omissions of facts and some times even outright lies; in it's reporting of what it wants the readers of their publications to know and to think.

In this case the editorial of The Daily Telegraph's attempts to denigrate the needs of and protection of working people and their rights at work, as envisaged by UK Law; are guilty of putting lives at risk!

Source: The Telegraph / HSE / Legislation, / TUC


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