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Nightmare Scenario For Workplace Health & Safety Now Imminent

Web editor, Chris Ingram writes in a personal capacity:

Following the disastrous failure of some Trade Unions and the Labour Party to protect workplace health & Safety and worker’s rights by demanding a general election, rather than putting the needs of working people first and working with other political parties to ensure that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government could not take us out of the EU without a deal and make secret trade deals with the USA; the nightmare scenario of a dictatorial Tory Government in power without scrutiny from Parliament and the UK media, has now become a reality.

Following the general election resulting in an overall 80 seat majority, the Tory Government have now turned Parliament into a ‘zombie parliament’ and destroyed any attempts to scrutinise what the Government does.

Pic: Prospect Mag - click to read the articleWith the Tory attacks on the judiciary about to manifest itself into changes in law which will eliminate the ability of citizens to use legal frameworks to make the Government accountable and to question the actions of the Government, and along with the loss of UK citizens rights as EU citizens to take legal action against their Government in the event their rights are compromised by Government policy; the Tory Government under Boris Johnson's premiership is about to make the greatest power grab ever seen since the beginnings of the setting up of the British parliament.

Add to that the refusal of the government to release the 2018 report into the influence of Russia in UK politics and specifically in the EU Ref in 2016 and the General Election of 2017, and the likelihood of a heavily redacted version being published around April of this year; it is easy to recognise the Orwellian nightmare taking shape.

Indeed, Parliament actually voted last week to remove its right of scrutiny over Trade Deals with the USA and the EU; thereby ensuring the Government does not even have to pass any laws or subject the terms of future trade deals with any country to parliamentary scrutiny. Clause 6 to the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, which would have ensured that MPs had a guaranteed vote with an amendable motion on the EU-UK Future Relationship and negotiating objectives. NC6 was defeated by 347 votes to 251.

Johnson’s Government has a blank check to continue lieing to the public and hold trade talks in total secrecy, and to not even publicise the terms of any trade deals they may make. Nor will Parliament have any say, even in ratifying any agreements made behind closed doors. Nor will they have a say when Johnson goes all out for a no-deal exit from the EU as many suspect.

Boris Johnson announced this week that he intends to start talks with Donald Trump at the same time as with the EU, starting 1st February.

This he says is an insurance policy and aimed at putting pressure upon the EU to agree a deal which will include complete divergence from EU standards on food safety, environmental safety, and worker’s rights and of course health & safety at work standards.

It is also clear that the true aim is for a no-deal scenario in order to ensure the UK is placed in a position of having to accept any terms determined by the USA and their Senate, thereby aligning the UK with the same standards as that of Trump’s America.

This is the greatest threat to worker’s rights, their health & safety at work and food safety that this country has faced since the second world war, and the nightmare scenario that Unionsafety has been warning against since 2016 is now about to come to fruition!

The attacks on the Trade Union movement will continue as it does upon the judiciary, along with the forthcoming bonfire of worker’s rights, the abolition of the Human Rights Act and the complete privatisation of the NHS; along with the abandonment of the majority of EU standards which will have a detrimental affect upon the health of the nation.

It is clear that all of this could have been avoided had the Labour Party not gambled with worker's rights, their health and safety at work; and the future of politics in this country. This scenario was never unforeseen, by all except those whose political dogma fed their personal ambitions and their own ego.

The damage to working people, to their rights and to Trade Unions in the next five years will become insurmountable, as a Troy Government with a huge majority paves the way for a complete change to this country and one which will see it become a vassal state of the USA!

This website will continue to report on Brexit, despite previously having been criticised for doing so, because the mainstream media and TV news media will follow the dictate of a Government that intends to silence all those wishing to scrutinise and question just what they are doing and has even gone as far as saying it does not want even the word ‘Brexit’ being used by the British media.

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