2020-05-18 16:34

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CWU North West Region & North West Mental Health Network Announce
Mental Health Week Event

Mental Health Online Q&A Zoom Event Wednesday 20th May at 5pm

With Covid-19 and the lockdown and return to work, the trauma of families and their loved ones, not to mention the damage to the nation's mental health and in particular the NHS and Care workers who have faced daily, the loss of life to this terrible virus; this week's annual event around mental health awareness, could have not com sooner.

Many will be struggling with their mental health in "Before Covid-19" times, but we will see an increase in the need for support and care for those who have gone through so much to save the lives of others, and in thier grieving process.

Remember this week's theme - "BE KIND"! That means to YOU and not just to others!

For this week's Annual Mental Health Awareness Week the North West Region and the North West Mental Health Network will be hosting an ‘Open to All’ on-line Mental Health Q&A Zoom event which will give participants the opportunity to ask any questions and raise concerns on the subject of mental health. Questions can be sent to them in advance and will be treated anonymously.

The Zoom event will begin at 17:00 on Wednesday May 20th.

To register for free please email: cwunwreg@gmail.com

Several speakers have kindly agreed to participate in the event and answer questions. 

The speakers are as follows

Angela Rayner MP will be chairing the event. Angela has been involved in mental health campaigns throughout her political career and it is a subject that is very close to her heart.

Steve Flatt is a psychotherapist and an honorary researcher with the University of Liverpool. Steve has a wealth of experience and expertise to draw on.

Jamie McGovern is the regional MHFA accredited tutor and trains North West CWU reps in mental health first aid. He also forms part of the North West Mental Health Committee and works tirelessly for our members, promoting mental wellbeing and helping those who need it.

Shelly Asquith is a National Health, Safety and Wellbeing Officer for the TUC. You may have seen some of the webinars she’s taken part in recently. A true trade unionist Shelly can advise on the support you can expect at work.
The Health, Safety and Environment Department congratulates the North West Region in organising the event and encourages wide participation.

Organised by Jamie McGovern from CWU's Grter Merseyside Amal Branch, safety reps and mental health first aiders give you their inspiring messages for the week's events and remind you - you are not alone.



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