2020-05-08 16:32

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IOSH Webinar Speaker Debunks 5G Health Concerns - Or Does He?

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group, has published a webinar on the concerns that exist about 5G and its negative health effects upon human health.

The webinar provides a presentation from a leading UK expert on Electro-magnetic Fields (EMF) radiation emitted by cell phone towers and mobile phones; Dr Phil Chadwick.

Whilst the webinar is some 59 minutes long, it is well worth sitting down with coffee or tea and watching if you wish to be informed of the facts about 5G and health concerns, based on this webinar.


It must be noted that this is the view of only one scientist involved in research into EMFs generally and with 5G in particular. It is however representative of the overall view of most scientists involved in this area of science.

However, the EU has recently established the opinion that 5G EMFs cannot be tested in the laboratory in order to simulate real-life conditions, and believes further research once the %G system is up and running will be necessary.

What is your opinion? Do you think the concerns over 5G and Covid-19 for example are based on any scientific facts?

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Source: IOSH / EU Comission


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