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National Fire Fighters Memorial Day 2020 - Silence At Firestations Across The UK

A minute silence was held today for Fire Fighters who have lost their lives during Covid-19 pandemic

Wreaths were laid at the National Firefighters’ Memorial at St Paul’s in London as fire stations across the UK and internationally fell silent at 12 midday to mark Firefighters’ Memorial Day, organised jointly by the Fire Brigades Union and the Firefighters Memorial Trust.

Firefighters and control staff stood outside their workplaces sounding their sirens whilst holding a minute’s silence for the 2,300 UK firefighters who have died in the line of duty.

Matt Wrack, the General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said:

“Firefighters come into work each day to save the lives of others but, tragically, it is their own lives that can be lost in the process.

We remember them this day to pay tribute, but there must also be lessons learnt from each fallen firefighter. All too often, their deaths could and should have been prevented. We reaffirm our commitment today to fight for the safety of all firefighters.

While many remain in their homes as we battle coronavirus, firefighters continue to show up to work each day, keeping their communities safe. And, as with so many national emergencies, firefighters are on the frontline of this pandemic.

“This year, we have lost three of our comrades whilst on-duty in the UK and countless others internationally. And we have watched in pain as firefighters in Italy and the United States have lost their lives to COVID-19.

It is the sombre reality of our profession that, each day, the families of firefighters can never know for certain that their loved ones will come home that night. Today, we remember their bravery and sacrifice. In their honour, we hold this minute’s silence.”

Writing in today’s Daily Mirror, he said:

Twenty-nine years ago today, in the shadow of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, the National Firefighters’ Memorial was unveiled.

To “the heroes with grimy faces”, the inscription reads, paying tribute, in Winston Churchill’s words, to the firefighters who ran through the flames and rubble of the Blitz.

Then, as now, when the country and the world faced great peril, our firefighters bravely stepped up to save others.
And then, as now, all too often they sacrificed their own lives in the process.

There is a saying in the fire and rescue service – “when all others were running out, they were running in”.
No matter what the emergency, firefighters continue to run into danger and Firefighters’ Memorial Day pays tribute to all those who did not return.

Today, we remember their sacrifice.”

You can read Matt Wracks full tribute to his fallen comrades here

Source: FBU / Daily Mirror

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