HSC Faces Challenges Says Performance Report

Download the report here“The Way Ahead” Performance Report 2007, recently published by the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) highlights the successes and challenges facing the organisation who’s desire to focus on the real causes of harm in the workplace is continuingly threatened by tales of risk adverse decisions that trivialise health and safety.

Commenting on the report Judith Hackitt, Chair of the HSC said; “The Health and Safety Commission and its Executive constantly change and adapt to meet the needs of an evolving economic landscape. Great Britain has a first class health and safety system and industry should congratulate itself on that. However, let us not be complacent. Last year 241 people died at work and over 2 million people believed they were suffering from an illness that was caused or made worse by work. It is only by working in partnership with industry that we can make the changes necessary to ensure that Great Britain remains one of the safest places in the world to work.

"The report highlights the challenge across industries and HSC aim to stimulate sharing and best practice both within industries and between them. For instance we continue to engage with industries such as nuclear, offshore oil and high pressure gas storage and distribution to address the challenges ahead and seek their commitment towards Great Britain becoming a world leader in the control of major hazards.”

Judith HackittThe HSC Chair went on to say; “Health and safety is about protecting people from real harm and suffering at work, not about banning conkers and hanging baskets. HSC promotes a simple and sensible approach to risk assessment and encourages people to enjoy daily and leisure activities, managing risk responsibly.”

The Performance Report 2007 is available to download from the HSC website

Source: HSE Website


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