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BT Bullying People Into Leaving The Company

CWU Branches have raised concerns over the use of performance measures to pressurise employees to leave the company voluntarily or be forced out.

This is the latest tactic being employed by elements within the company's Retail Division.

So concerned about this new style of management, Jim Gavine Assistant Secretary (Clerical) wrote recently to all branches:

" I have been advised by Branches that management are targeting individuals who have moved to a red marking under the Standard Performance Framework (SPF), with a view to coercing them to leave their employment. From what I have been advised, I understand that the individuals are being informed that they can resign from BTR CS and receive an ex gratia payment of up to 3 months salary, or they will be forced down the performance management route, which ultimately could lead to termination of their employment.

This development is highly irregular and accordingly is totally unacceptable. You should be aware that this cavalier approach to performance management is being strongly challenged by the Union nationally.

As matters stand, it is essential that the CWU at all levels support our people who find themselves a victim of what I can only describe as an autocratic and morally unacceptable style of management. It is essential that our people know that the Union is there for them in this difficult time and that individuals should resist being pressured into resigning."

Further, Ian Cuthbert, Assistant Secretary (Engineering), in writing to all Branches "regarding the scandalous targeting of individuals in BT Retail through inappropriate and un-agreed performance management processes",said that, "In particular the offer of money to vulnerable individuals to, basically, give up their job has rightly angered most."

He offered this advice:

"Branches are asked to assure members that the DGS(T), Andy Kerr, has been in contact with senior managers in BT and is today formally writing demanding any such actions are stopped immediately. The Union is also demanding that, where an individual has already been frightened into accepting the offer of money to go, this is rescinded unless the individual is adamant that they no longer wish to work for BT.

Branches will be advised in the coming days of the company’s response and what steps it intends to take to fall in line with agreed formal process and its publicly stated values."

Source: CWU

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