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June '17

Union Writes To PM Over Grenfell Tower Disaster

DUP Gets £1 Billion As Local Authorities Get Zilch To Make High Rise Homes Safe

Fines Of £700,000 For Mail Company DHL And JCB After Worker Is Crushed And Nearly Killed

Cuts To Public Safety Services And Defeat Of Law On Safe Housing Costs Lives

The Towering Inferno Of London Kills 150 For The Price Of Three Apple Macbooks!
updated 27th June

Repeal Bill Sets Out Plan To Replace EU Law

Theresa May Admits To Andrew Neil She Will Asset Strip The NHS

BT Security Response To Recent Terrorist Events And Government ‘Critical’ Threat Level

Withdrawal of CBRNE Detection Equipment from Mail Centres

Protecting Health and Safety after 'Brexit'

We Cannot Eliminate Risk And Some Accidents Are Inevitable

Two Safety Campaigners Threatened With Legal Action Dead In Grenfell Tower Inferno

CWU Sponsors This Year's National Hazards Conference As In Previous Years

Health And Safety Fines Rise By 148%

Six Days To The Election - Six Choices On Workers' Rights

Voting Tory Will Result In Loss Of Employment Rights, Work Breaks, Holidays And H&S Protection

East Lancashire Prostate Cancer Support Group Newsletter May Edition Available To Download

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