Dec '06

October '08

CWU Wins Major Northern Ireland Health and Safety Award

HSE Statistics Drastically Misrepresent Work Related Deaths

CWU Urges Branch Support For CCA

CWU Support Diabetes Awareness Campaigns

Low Turn Out For Pleural Plaques Demo

HSE Publishes Health And Safety Statistics For 2007/08

Stress, DSE, and Slips Trips Falls, Top Workers' Safety Concerns

Mental Wellbeing A Key To Workers And Economic Health

New H&S Training Bill Introduced

Toothless Enforcement Increases Risk Of Workplace Disasters

TUC Launches Safety Reps Charter

Work-related Stress Event For Trade Union Safety Representatives

HSE Updates Guidance On Worker Involvement In H&S

Scotland’s Secretary of State Supports Launch Of HSE Asbestos Campaign

Justice for Asbestos Victims

Concerns Continue Regarding Energy Saving Fluorescent Lights

HSE Updates Key Risks In Motor Vehicle Repair

Scotland’s Justice Committee Supports Compensation For Pleural Plaques

Work Related Stress Increases Risk Of Heart Disease Shows Study

Minister Praises USRs At Launch Of Updated Guidance For Worker Involvement

HSE Website For Scotland

Scotland Creates Specialist Health and Safety Division

Firework Safety Campaign Complete With New Website Launched

Tougher Penalties For Health And Safety Law Breakers

No Prosecution Over Liverpool Tower Crane Fatality

HSE Asbestos Website Pages Launched

Fudementals Of The EU-OSHA Risk Assessment Campaign

CWU Calls On Government To Restore Pleural Plaques Compensation

Turner & Newalls Implicated In Asbestos Compensation Award

Better Health and Safety by Working Together

CWU Wins Major Health & Safety Award

Row Over Electronic Cigarettes

Changes In ELCI Certificates Rules

HSE Attempts To Tackle Work Related Stress Ineffective - So Far!

RMT Demands Re-Instatement Of Victimised Safety Rep

Tories Declare They Will Sweep Aside Safety Laws

Website Sponsorship Continues With Leading North West Solicitors

Stressed Indians Leave Call Centres

European Safety And Health Week In BT Announced

TUC Education Short Courses For USRs

HSEAnnounces Top Communications Role


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