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Letters To Branches (LTB) are issued regarding health, safety and environmental issues by the National Health, Safety and Environment Dept of the CWU which cover all CWU Branches in the main.

Some health & safety LTBs are issued on a Constituency basis only by either the Postal or T&FS officers concerned. These can be found in our Constituency Based Resources pages here

Here we provide a full list of ALL LTBs issued by the CWU National Health, Safety, and Environmental Dept irrespective of the constituency they may be relevant to:

LTB 002/2020 - Health Safety And Environment Departments LTB Digest 2019

LTB 032/2020 - Blue Monday Samaritans Brew Monday National Rail Suicide Campaign Launched Today

LTB 033/2020 - Coronavirus and Avian Flu Outbreaks in China – Public Health England (PHE) Advice

LTB 039/2020 - Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Review Screening To Start Earlier At Age 50

LTB 043/2020 Coronavirus And Avian Flu Outbreaks In China

LTB 054/2020 Coronavirus Outbreak Update Advice

LTB 063/2020 Coronavirus Outbreak Update Advice Royal Mail Group World Health Organisation

LTB 066/2020 Checklist For Achieving Better Mental Health

LTB 068/2020 Royal Mail Group Environment Week 10th To 14th February 2020

LTB 071/2020 - Coronavirus Outbreak – General Update, Royal Mail Latest Advice, FAQs and CWU Royal Mail Members Returning From China

LTB 093/2020 Coronavirus Latest Update Information Advice Guidance 26 February 2020

LTB 096/2020 Coronavirus Royal Mail Group Managers Update Communication QA.pdf

LTB 098/2020 Coronavirus Update - Thirteen More Cases Confirmed, Taking UK Total to 36 and NHS Advice

LTB 103/2020 Beware Of Criminals Pretending To Be WHO (World Health Organisation)

LTB 105/2020 BT PERSONNEL – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

LTB1062020 BT Personnel Motion 72 Annual Conference 2019

LTB 110/2020 - BT Personnel - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

LTB 111/2020 - Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – First Royal Mail Group Employee/CWU Member, Positive Test, Corona Virus Victim

LTB 110/2020 - BT Personnel - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

LTB 119/2020 BT Personnel - Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

LTB 121/2020 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact Upon The CWU

LTB 122/2020 BT Workplaces And Coronavirus (COVID19)

LTB 124 2020 Coronavirus (COVID19) NHS Updated Advice For The Public As Of Today 13 March 2020

LTB 125 2020 Royal Mail Group Coronavirus Precautions Hygiene Supply Shortages Of Gloves

LTB 126/2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 – PDA Use and 'Signed For' Delivery Problems For Members on Royal Mail and Parcelforce Deliveries and Members in Customer Service Points (CSPs - Callers Offices)

LTB 128/2020 Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Cancellation And Postponement Of CWU Events

LTB 129/2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS Updated Advice for the Public as of today 17 March 2020, including ‘Stay at Home’ Advice

LTB 137/2020 Roya lMail Group Coronavirus Latest Questions Answers Guidance V12 Dated 17March 2020


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