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......It was the EU that forced the UK Government to introduce Asbestos regulations in 2012....NHS abolition Bill (Health and Care Bill) committee stage of Parliament from 7th September, but ICS already fragment NHS - here......Petition Against Data Grab Of NHS Patients Private Medical Records - here .....UK Country Specific Covid-19 Advice - here.......Subscribe to UK's best H&S magazine, Hazards Magazine - here........Mental Health Concerns? - check out the E-Library for mental health resources and information - here.....The 'Brown Book' Union Safety Reps legislation - here.........E-Library documentation now reaches 1,567 - search here........Road Traffic Updates when you need them - here........Prevent your private MEDICAL records from being harvested by government agencies - info here .........Check out rest of the website with the content highlights page - here...............Guidance on making freedom of information request - here ......... Wanting to Write to your MP? Fnd their details here

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Over 60s Free Prescriptions Under Attack By Tory Government

Announcing Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2022

CWU North West Mental Health Support Awareness Calendar 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 Theme Announced

As Forecast UK Falls Behind On Worker’s Rights

Royal Mail Group Coronavirus Guidance Updated To Version 14

HSE Publishes Annual Work-Related Injuries, Ill-health and Enforcement Statistics For 2020/21

Worker's Rights Promises Fail To Be Kept After Brexit Says TUC In Letter To Government

Want To Check My Covid Passport? - Just Scan My Hand

CWU Issues Covid-19 Guide On Ventilation And CO2 Monitoring

Just What Are You Actually Drinking, Eating And Feeding Your Kids?

Insurance Company Boss Now Appointed Head Of NHS NICE To Determine Drug And Treatments For NHS Patients

Publication Of Consultation Response On Amendments To The Personal Protective Equipment At Work Regulations 1992

Wear A Face Mask And Cut Your Risk of Catching Covid-19 By Up To 225 Times

Image: click to read more health & safety newsWorld’s Most Ambitious Law For A Smokefree Future Announced

Distractions Whilst Driving Campaigns From RMG And The AA

Time To Say It: COVID-19 Is Airborne!

Boards Of Directors, Remuneration Committees - Big Business Takes Over NHS

HSE Launches New ‘Working Minds’ Work-Related Stress Campaign

We Are Heading For A Catastrophic 2.4 Degree Increase In World Temperature

NHS Is Now Broken Up Into 42 Integrated Care Systems - Full List

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