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......It was the EU that forced the UK Government to introduce Asbestos regulations in 2012....NHS abolition Bill (Health and Care Bill) committee stage of Parliament from 7th September.......Petition Against Data Grab Of NHS Patients Private Medical Records - here .....UK Country Specific Covid-19 Advice - here.......Subscribe to UK's best H&S magazine, Hazards Magazine - here........Mental Health Concerns? - check out the E-Library for mental health resources and information - here.....The 'Brown Book' Union Safety Reps legislation - here.........E-Library documentation now reaches 1,567 - search here........Road Traffic Updates when you need them - here........Prevent your private MEDICAL records from being harvested by government agencies - info here .........Check out rest of the website with the content highlights page - here...............Guidance on making freedom of information request - here

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People's Covid Inquiry Preliminary Findings

Select Committee Finds Government Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic Wanting

‘Stoptober’ Campaign 2021 – Helping Smokers Quit!

CWU Announce Agreement With Royal Mail Group To Provide Personal Attack Alarms

CWU Supports World Mental Health Day 2021

World Mental Health Day And Covid Impact Upon Mental Health

Labour Party Conference Exposed Labour Leadership True Position On NHS Abolition

CWU's Steve Jones Supports Mental Health Composite At Labour Party Conference 2021

Whole Workplace Risk Assessment Tool Agreed Between RMG And CWU

#WeThe15 Campaign Launched To Promote Eqality and Disability Rights Across The Globe

Can We Expect Labour To Oppose The Americanisation And Privatisation Of The NHS?

GP Sets Up Petition Against The Abolition Of The NHS

Non-Covid Workplace Deaths Increase Despite Lockdowns

Ivory Coast Begin Ebola Vaccination Programme That Puts UK Government To Shame

CWU Report On Welsh Government Covid Rules Change And RMG Response

How The Health And Care Bill Abolishes The NHS

UK's Climate Is Already Changed By Global Warming Says 2021 Met Office Climate Report

Leading Award Winning Doctor Warns This Is The End Of The NHS

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