List of Subject Categories (111) August 2022

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Accident Investigation, Reporting & Monitoring
Addiction (Gambling)
Addiction (Alcohol & Substance Abuse)
Alcohol and Substance Misuse
Allergens (Home and Work)
Asbestos (in schools)
Asthma (Workplace)
Back Pain
Brexit - (Health & Safety)
Cancer (Work Related)
Cardiac Health
Chemicals (Home)
Chemicals (Workplace)
Climate Change
Confined Spaces
Corporate Killing
CWU LTBs (Health & Safety)
Dangerous Dogs
Dangerous Dogs NI
Data Security
Deaths And Illness (workplace)
Dietary Information
Discrimination & Diversity
Display Screen Equipment
Domestic Violence
Education Working Environment
Electrical Safety
Electromagnetic Radiation
Employment Law
Environment (Workplace)
Environmental Pollution
Equal Opportunities
EU Commission/Parliament Reports
EU-OSHA Reports/Notices
European Health And Safety Week
Fire Safety
First Aid
Flexible Working
Food Safety
Freedom of Information
Gas Safety
Gender Issues (H&S)
Global Warming
Government Consultations
Government Reports
Greener Jobs
Harassment, Bullying & Violence
Health & Safety Campaigns
Health & Safety Legislation
Health & Wellbeing At Work
Home/Lone Working
HSE Consultations
HSE Reports / Documents
Human Rights
Hygiene (workplace)
Infectious Diseases / Pandemics
Internet/Computer Security
Legal Advice (General)
Lighting (workplace)
Manual Handling
Menstruation Advice and Information

Mental Health

Motor Vehicle Repair
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)
Nano Technology
National Health Service (NHS)
Noise at Work
Occupational Health
Outdoor Working
Pain Management
Political Party Documents (H&S Related)
PPE / Personal Protective Equipment
Regulators Reviews / Consultations / Reports(OFCOM etc)
RIDDOR Legislation / Consultation / Reviews
Risk Assessment
Road Safety
Sick Absence
Skin Cancer / Care / Protection
Slips, Trips & Falls
Smoking At Work

Social Issues (Health & Wellbeing)

Social Media Safety
Stroke and Epilepsy
Tobacco and Nicotine
Trade Union Reports
Underground Working
Union Safety Reps
Violence to Staff
Voice health
Vulnerable Workers
Weight and Health (female)
Weight and Health (male)
Weight Loss
Wellbeing At Work
Women at Work (Health & Safety)
Women's Rights (H&S)
Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
Working At Height
Working Time Issues
Workplace Inspections
Workplace Maintenance

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