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CWU General Secretary Moves To Allay Fears Over Re-Design

During a prolonged session on Re-Design at this month’s CWU Annual Conference held in Bournemouth, the General Secretary addressed hundreds of delegates to introduce the section on the Union’s Re-Design project and immediately moved to allay the fears of many CWU delegates from across the country, promising an open, transparent debate on the issues and current plans on the final form that a re-design of the Union will take.

Culminating in a Special Conference in November, he told the delegates that the views and ideas of not only the Branches and Branch Officer’s will be listened to, but also that of the membership as a whole.

The first step in this process he said will be the forthcoming Branch consultation exercise which ends on 11th May.

The consultation document itself will be set up as a list of questions under several subject headings with room for Branches to add items and ideas that are not covered specifically by the questions.

The session continued with contributions, questions and ideas from several delegates, including a presentation from Tony Kearns DGS as to the financial imperatives that make Re-design necessary, and from Education Officer Trish Lavelle

Safety Reps in the hall at the time, noticed that whilst the issues of Equality, Education and Young Worker’s were covered and discussed at length by both Dave and Trish, health & safety was mentioned in a cursory manner lasting no longer than 30 seconds!

Here you can watch Dave Ward’s speech to Conference and his assurances over the whole process of Re-Design:

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