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Health and Safety Legislation, national health & Safety agreements and even local health & safety agreements, generaly apply equally no matter what section of the CWU you come from, and indeed which Trade Union you are from.

Letters To Branches (LTB) are issued regarding health, safety and environmental issues by the National Health, Safety and Environment Dept of the CWU which cover all CWU Branches, and these can be found listed here

However, there are issues which are pertinent to one sector more than others and there is also national Health & Safety agreements with individual employers with Union members we represent.

We have broken down this section of the website, backed up with the E-Library Database, to enable CWU USR/ASR to access the most current infomration that will help them to represent their members and utilise and support CWU national agreements made with employers of both constituency CWU members.

In addition here you will find documentation, templates and even video which will be of help in the everyday discharge of your Union Safety Reps' role.

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