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Health & Safety Can Be Fun

videos to laugh at - here

Medical Records

Confidentiality and medical reports - TUC Guidance for Safety Representatives.

Download here

Health Issues Advice

Many issues to do with health are often raised with USR's and these pages attempt to offer some guidance and sources of information to aid the USR.

See H&S Issues

Your Rights as a migrant worker

New in the E-Library Database you will find a European Community booklet giving legal advice for those working in an EU memebr state other than their home state.

New Section - NW BTU H&S Co-ordinator's Reports

Your health and safety co-ordinators in the North West write many reports and review numerous documents throughout the year. Additionally, they attend a number of Health & Safety events.

You can read their reports on a number of key subjects/events here


New Health & Safety Links

The health and safety links page has been updated. New links have been added and old ones removed.

See H&S Links

HSE Advice To Local Government Enforcement Agencies

Knowing the detail of the criteria by which local environmental health officers make their investigations is of help to all Union safety Reps when raising issues with management.

The HSE website contains up to date local area circulars (LAC) on a wide variety of subjects and working environments. - here

Understanding Stress

Co-ord member John Southwell, discusses Stress defines it, and looks at the negative and positive aspects of stress.
Read his essay here

Removing Gloves Without Contamination

The E-library Database contains over 230 documents and files and even includes a video to show you how to remove gloves from both hands without contaminating them.Think first before looking at the video. Is it as easy as it sounds?Check out the video in the PPE section here

Health Issues Pages

The Health Issues has links to major health issues and webistes dedicated to dealing with them: Men's Health, Women's health, Stroke, Noise at Work; to name just a few.

Health issues pages here

Highway Code Online

Click to go to the online version of the Highway CodeThis version has been adapted for online use from the Department for Transport's current printed version of the Highway Code.

It has been placed on line as an easy reference in order to refresh your knowledge of the code.

The website does point out though, that in any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, only the Department for Transport's current printed version of the Code should be relied upon.

Click the pic to go to the site.

The '6 Pack' Essential Reading

A number of statutory instruments, following EU health & safety legislation, known as the "six pack" came into force.

They came into effect in Britain in 1992, after six European Directives, collectively known as the 'six-pack', were issued by the European Commission.

The individual books deal with the following legislation, and are featured left to right, with a link to HSE books where the specific book can be ordered:


Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare)

, Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, Manual Handling

Operations Regulations
, Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations,

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

Amended H&S legislation applicable to the above can be found in:

The Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002

Eye Sight Tests & DSE Working

GossEyedLaptopPeople are still unclear as to what the regulations state in relation to free eyesight tests for those working on DSE equipment.

This guidance from the HSE issued in the form of LAC 16/3 to all Environmental Health Authorities, dispels the myths regarding eye test provision for employees.

See H&S Issues

Lobby Your MP

Click to find your MPUnfortunately, politics dictate Health & Safety and in reality it is a necessary component in the fight to protect workers and the environment in which they are employed.

So from time to time, USRs may need to contact their local MP or a minister regarding the issues involved and legislation being proposed or needing amendment.

This is how you can find out exactly just who is your MP for your constituency.
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