2023-08-25 10:28

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Acoustic Safety Headsets Trialled In Warrington Call Centre

Mersey Branch’s Health and Safety co-ord Shaun Lea attended a demonstration earlier this year of the new anti-acoustic shock headsets being trialled by BT in Warrington Call Centre.

This is his brief report:

The advisor was using an EncorePro HW720 headset which I understand features multistage limiting technology which catches peak unwanted loud noice almost instantaneously, which is referred to as anti-startle.  Yes it was all positive feedback from the advisor, good voice quality on calls, comfortable to wear even mentioned that she thought it was quite stylish!

I was very interested to learn about the way the new headsets feature “SoundGuard digital” which constantly monitors sound levels and adjusts these so ensure during an 8 hour day daily exposure does not exceed 80db- 85db. I understand that the new headsets feature different connections than those current in use, thus ensuring that a mix of different suppliers equipment cannot be connected.

There is also  a feature that allows a manager or back office staff to identify which equipment belongs to which advisor electronically using built-in software.

I did raise concerns with the lack of Managers understanding on how to deal with acoustic shock incidents and the importance of them doing so promptly. 

Very happy with the new equipment I have had the opportunity to see, along with the Plantronics Acoustic Safety White Paper. From what I have observed the new equipment meets and exceeds current guidelines and offers increased functionality and safety for the advisor/ headset user.


You can download the Plantronics Acoustic Safety document from the E-Library database using search category 'Noise at Work'.

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