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CWU NW Mental Health Network Meeting Report

2nd December 2021 - meeting Preston & Zoom call

Image: Derek MaylorCurrently 100+ metal health first aiders (MHFAs) trained across NW; a request from Steve Jones at Head Office for a nominated person from every Branch to join a national network so every Branch will be asked to nominate a mental health lead. Note - this is not a health and safety issue but pan-CWU including IR.

There will be a regional function for all those trained or nominated as MHFA’s probably in the autumn; noted 10th. October 2022 is World Mental Health Day.

The regional booklet will be updated.

There will be a road show in May and four awareness days in 2022. The 5th. May is “Time to Talk” day. Creation of Share point Site for documentation like Stress Risk Assessment.

  • Question for all branches – have you got a specific site you wish to target ASAP (e.g. Lancaster House third floor) if so please inform Carl.
  • Can Branches consider sites for workplace visits (like that for Count Me In campaign) and get list for next network meeting or before to Carl.

DM to raise with managers do they want the awareness training (many RMG managers have taken the offer up). There are currently two courses (1) Mental Health First Aid which is two days and (2) the one-day Mental Health Awareness.

These Network meetings have been ongoing for a long time, at least a couple of years but participation by T&FS has been “patchy” thus RMG are far ahead of telecom section in training of mental health first aiders and any roll out of mental health awareness and subsequent action.

Derek Maylor
CWU Branch Health & Safety Co-ordinator Grter Mersey Amal,
NW BTU H&S Co-ord Member

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