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Health And Safety Coord Chairs Meeting 13 February 2019

Derek Maylor reports on the issues raised

Incidents - the current method of informing branches of incidents is via Coord Chair/Sec for onward distribution. This has been slow cutting and pasting from a database. It is now ok for me or John to “associate” people with incidents meaning branch safety Coords’ will get an automatically generated email you link to access the database and the associated incident file.

This will go to the incident log sheet and on there will be the incidents that the Coord is associated with, they can then go along the tabs and get all the info needed for an accident investigation and also see what the manager has uploaded to it. This will keep the info behind the firewall satisfying data protection, you can get all the extra info, and makes it easier for me/John so we do not have to do loads of cutting and pasting.

It should be “carry on regardless” for BTPS representation at the CWU led all LoBs regional meeting up to, through and out of the other side of the PS re-org.

There is no date set yet for the next national two day all LoB meeting.

Headset issues [such as Plantronics] – any concerns to Steve Albon who is collating a report.

Pole Testers – the argument is ongoing over grading, training, suitability etc. of 175 new pole testers. Training starts 25 Feb at Bradford Openstreet. Formal disagreement, if no movement will be taken to HSE.

TETRA – will be ongoing for the next two years, all new recruits trained solely in this method, others to follow, once course is done the method has to be used. Anomalies, customer sees two engineers doing different method in same street; facia boards, wall coverings and so on vary enormously. However, cannot be taught experiences and cannot assume the trust of engineers who follow after a few days training and several weeks ‘buddying’.

Scaffolding – although several engineers have tried it, including two from Merseyside who are very comfortable with it, it is no yet agreed by Head Office for roll out nationally.

BTPS – meeting attended by Paul Brown the head of BTPS H, S and E. Huge variation of jobs put in to the system by USR following an inspection, many questionable as safety issues even if they are building defects. Painting a wall is not safety but fixing a broken window is.

Some of his issues were;

  • Risk based inspection programme
  • Joint site investigations
  • Develop a hierarchy of risks
  • Agreed action points post visit
  • Joint initiatives/campaigns
  • Training and knowledge calls for USRs
  • Trend analysis to support risk based approach
  • Performance charter and escalation points for USRs      

Derek Maylor 15 February 2919

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