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I was Chair of the Coord for several years until stepping aside recently but intend to continue with the work on behalf of my CWU Branch, Greater Mersey Amal, and the Coord for the near future at least.
I took up all the education and training the union and the TUC offered and will continue to do despite my age, life-long learning is not just a buzz phrase, but it is essential to an individual’s welfare as well as to what extent they are able to involve themselves in their workplace and their community.

I enjoyed being a Governor of Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust for nine years but was required to leave that is the maximum term you can serve on such a body, being elected by the members for three years three times.

During that time, I saw the challenges and changes that came thick and fast to the NHS which had to be managed whilst looking after the brilliant staff.  Moving on I am now a Trustee of Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group and learning more of the excellent support they give to victims and their families when they are in the lost difficult of times.  
I have five grandchildren, though it seems like more when they are all together, who are all at school and in a few years, they will be in employment and I want the workplace health and safety conditions for them to better than when I started work but at the moment, without a change in government, that is not going to be the case.

There is a limit to how much workers can be pushed, times or targets squeezed, workers forced to cut corners before injuries and ill-health become endemic and we are back to pre-1974 Health and Safety at Work Act days. 

Trade unions must become more relevant again, not only in the workplace and not just between starting work in the morning to clocking off at night. Unions must be a societal movement that supports members twenty-four hours a day seven days a week: supporting their families and their roles in their communities.    


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