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Co-ord Urges Support For The We Didn't Vote To Die At Work Campaign

The NW BT Unions H&S Co-ord are putting their full weight behind their support for the most important campaign so far in this millennium - launched by the health and safety campaigning group, Hazards at their annual conference in July.

The current Con-Dem(ed) coalition government's plans for health and safety at work threaten the working lives of all in the UK and promise to have the most devastating impact so far of this millennium. The premise that health and safety can be de-regulated and that employers can be trusted to regulate themselves is the basis of US health and safety culture. A country where there is no health and safety enforcement until an employer is found to have broken the health and safety standards and injured or killed their employees before action is taken, if at all.

Ironically, given our coalition government's stance on health and safety destruction, the US trade unions and health and safety industry quote the UK way of legislation and enforcement as the way forward for them and the only way of stemming the increasing flow of death and injury in US industry.

Hazards have developed their campaign around the principle that every working person deserves a safe, healthy and productive working environment in which to live and that all employers should take care of the health safety and welfare of their workers.

Hazards correctly argue that de-regulation and a free for all in health and safety culture will cause more deaths and injury than we already have, pointing out at the same time the disparity between official deaths and injury figures and actual fact.

The NW BT Unions Health and Safety Co-ordinators Committee agreed to meet at Warrington Call Centre last week in order to discuss its support for the Hazards campaign.

Unionsafety, the co-ord's website will be used to promote the campaign and to this end, co-ord members wore their We Didn't Vote To Die At Work campaign t-shirts with pride and faced the camera!

Derek Maylor, chair of the co-ord urges everyone to buy a t-shirt and to wear it whenever they are out in public!

Derek told Unionsafety,

" We are currently sleep walking into a society that devalues human life at work and puts profit before minimising the risk of death and injury from the workplace. Whilst the media campaign has been denigrating the need for health and safety legislation and enforcement, supported by fabricated stories and examples of the worst excuses for not doing something using a distorted view of health and safety legislation as the reason; deaths and injury at work have been on the increase despite official figures purporting otherwise."

He continued,

"It is imperative that the Hazards campaign at the very least alerts the public to this fact and succeeds in addressing and removing some of the worst intentions of the current coalition Government's aims of destroying the health and safety culture of this country once and for all."

He concluded by saying,

"Health and safety is a trade union issue and that is why it is being attacked by this tory led coalition government. It is part of their political dogma that employers have the right to mitigate their responsibilities in the name of profit. We must stop them in their tracks by alerting the public through this campaign as to the reality of a free for all in health and safety - more deaths and injury at work without any right to redress by the victims and their families!"

The Hazards campaign was launched in July at the national Hazards conference, with Hilda Palmer from the Greater Manchester Hazards Centre promoting the new campaign in the North West the following week. She attended in Liverpool the Employment Rights Institute conference on 13th July where she wore her t-shirt and presented the Hazards campaign to the 65 trade union delegates present at the conference.

As previously reported by this website, you can read full details of Hilda's presentation on 13th July here

Additionally read the full details of the campaign presentation which took place at the national Hazards Campaign conference 9th July here

Camapign Poster: We Didn't Vote To Die At WorkCampaign t-shirts can be ordered direct from Hilda Palmer at GM Hazards. Imagine the publicity this issue can be given so the general public become aware of the appalling risk to life and health of British workers being proposed by the Con-Dem (ed) coalition government!

All just by wearing a T-Shirt!

To buy ‘We didn’t vote to die at work’  T-shirts at £6.00 each inc p&p, send payment with your name and postal address, the number of T-shirts you want and the size (small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL) to:

Hazards Campaign,
Windrush Millennium Centre,
70 Alexandra Road, Manchester
M16 7WD
Cheques made out to ‘Hazards Campaign’

‘We didn’t vote to die at work  A4 posters are free, order via Tel 0161 636 7557

To buy FACK DVD  “FACE the FACKS: The human face of workplace killing
” at £10.00 each  inc p&p, send payment with your name and postal address to FACK, c/o Hazards Campaign, Windrush Millennium Centre, 70 Alexandra Road, Manchester M16 7WD. Cheques payable to GMHC with ‘For FACK DVD’  on the back.  This money will help to cover the cost of production AND support FACK’s work – you can donate more if you want!

Source: Unionsafety/GM Hazards


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