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CWU Urges Improvements To BT's Severe Weather ‘Snow And Ice’ Policy

Dave Joyce, CWU's National Health, Safety & Environment Officer has written today (7th December) to remind all CWU Branches with memebers employed by BT of the company's Snow and Ice policy.

The National BT Safety Team has been in talks with BT Group and LOBs over the course of the year in pursuance of Motion 4 carried at 2011 T&FS Annual Conference which called for improvement in the policy. Good progress has been made with Openreach and all LOBs have a better awareness of the issues relating to the policy.

However, it is important to state that the National BT Safety Team continues to press for more improvements and a number of escalations have been raised and are being dealt with by the team.

In LTB1036/11, Dave is asking all Branches who encounter issues with the implementation of BT's policies to continue to escalate them to the Health, Safety & Environment Department.

BT’s Snow and Ice policy encourages CWU Union Safety Reps to be involved in local assessments and contact should be made locally with Monteray to ensure that the plans are suitable and effective. 

The National BT Safety Team has again made strong representations to BT Property to get Monteray to do the local risk assessments in conjunction with USRs and this message has again been re-enforced by BT Property who have reiterated to Monteray that every effort must be made to ensure that USR’s are involved in any site reviews.

The full letter to CWU Branches includes copies of the following documents:

  1. BT Snow and Ice Policy Review
  2. BT Snow and Ice Policy FAQs
  3. Openreach Snow and Ice Facilities
  4. Openreach Snow and Ice Guidance
  5. Snow Clearance

LTB1036/11 can be downloaded in full here

Source: CWU

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