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Clegg Surprised By Anti NHS Privatisation Petition

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was visibly taken aback at the size of the 38 Degrees petition against the privatisation of the NHS, which was handed to him outside a meeting at his constituency. Several of his aides had to help him carry it into the building, as 38 Degrees members made it clear to Clegg that he needs to stand up to Lansley and block the NHS plans if he wants to win back voters' trust. 

Under the proposals, up to £100 billion annually of taxpayers' money is likely to be handed over to large corporations that will run and operate NHS services for profit: that is the conclusion of a report available on channel4 News website. Furthermore, under the proposals, abolition of the legal duties upon the NHS to ensure that health care is distributed according to need not ability to pay, arrangements that in the past have prevented shareholders from establishing ownership and control over health services.

Public ownership and control will also be abolished as NHS trusts disappear and control moves to an external regulator.

Over the past weeks supporters of the 38 Degrees campaign have been forwarding the Save the NHS petition to friends, and colleagues and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. As a result 100,000 more signatures were added to the on-line petition in the last seven days.

Meanwhile, 38 Degrees members have started handing in copies of the petition to their local MPs. Last weekend, in Blackpool, East Kilbride, Truro, Filey and Sheffield, 38 Degrees members asked their MPs to oppose Andrew Lansley's dangerous NHS plans.

Watch what happened on Friday evening, 13th May when 38 Degrees members in Sheffield delivered a copy of their petition to Nick Clegg:

Image of video - click to watch

Imagine the effect if every single MP in the country received a copy of the 380,000 strong petition to date.
It would send a stir through Parliament, and should help tip the balance against Andrew Lansley's plans.

By supporting the campaign this could be made to happen.

If you haven’t already done so, you can sign the petition here

Source: 38 Degrees / Channel 4 News

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