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Health Workers And Users Come 'All Together' To Save The NHS

The Government has recently published proposals which represent the most damaging attacks on the NHS since its inception. Under the banner of 'All Together for the NHS', unions and campaigning groups are coming together to call on the Government to think again.

Friday 1st April will be 'All Together for the NHS day', with health workers and service users getting together to lobby key MPs in their constituencies and campaigning to raise the profile of the issue through events all over the country.

There are events taking place all over the region, including the lobbying of Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs: Ian Swales, Alan Beith and Guy Opperman, as well as a leafleting session being held outside North Tees Hospital.

Northern TUC Regional Secretary Kevin Rowan said:

"Health services are already at risk in the north east and Cumbria. Jobs are being lost in what was supposed to be a 'protected' service.Our region in particular relies heavily on the fantastic service it provides with figures well above the national average for main health indicators like heart disease, cancer and obesity. Unemployment in general is categorically bad for health as the ability to build a good jobs base is fundamental to good health in the region, but with 53,000 NHS job losses planned up and down the country, this is a double-blow.

These proposals were not in any manifesto, the Government has no mandate for these changes. The majority of the medical profession now oppose these plans and the more the public know what it will mean for them, the more pressure we can build to halt this devastating attack on the NHS."

For more information on what the proposed changes set out in the Health and Social Care Bill will mean for the NHS, its workers and patients - and what you can do to support the All Together campaign go to:

Source: TUC

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