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Labour Reveals Hidden Cost Of Cameron's NHS Reorganisation

The Government's new NHS guidelines will force the NHS to set aside millions of pounds more than previously thought to cover reorganisation costs.

The request is buried in the 'Operating Framework' document and takes the cost of the NHS reorganisation above the £2-3bn estimate for the first time.

Primary Care Trusts are to hold back £3.44bn from the NHS frontline over two years. Whilst the total cost of the Government's plans are set to rise yet further if the controversial Health and Social Care Bill clears Parliament in the New Year.

The fresh figures come on the back of the British Medical Association's decision on Thursday evening to call for an immediate halt to the Health Bill. A recent report from nursing leaders, the Royal College of Nursing, said Government plans are leading to 48,000 NHS job losses.

Andy Burnham MPAndy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said:

"This wasteful reorganisation is costing the NHS even more than we first feared.

"It is scandalous that the Government is spending £3.5bn on an unnecessary reorganisation when the NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in its history.

"Before his plans are even through Parliament, the costs of David Cameron's reorganisation are hitting the NHS hard. On his watch patients are waiting longer for treatment and thousands of nursing jobs are being axed. These shocking new figures show that the reality is that patient care is being cut in real terms.

"If ever a reason was needed to stop this reorganisation then this is surely it. Spending £3.5bn is totally unjustifiable.

"Right now every single penny should be focused on maintaining standards of care. This is a reorganisation that has no democratic mandate and was specifically ruled out by the Coalition Agreement.

"Last week leading doctors voted to launch an immediate campaign for the Government to drop their Health Bill.

"This is a reorganisation with no mandate and no professional support. The time has come for Cameron to listen to patients and staff, put the NHS first and drop his dangerous Bill.

Source: Labour Party press release

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