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Make Sure Dinner Is The Only Thing Cooked This Christmas!

The Christmas and New Year season is always filled with media safety advice and advertising about driving, drinking, and remaining safe in pubs and clubs.

But one area seldom mentioned is the home.

But, as Dave Joyce, CWU’s National Health, Safety & Environment Officer points out in his latest letter to CWU branches, statistics reveal that one in six fire deaths last year occurred in December.

With the distractions of a crowded house, festive celebrations and added alcohol, it's easy to forget about the Christmas dinner cooking in the oven or the candles left unattended. Nearly 1,400 house fires were started by cooking appliances last December, resulting in more than 300 injuries.

LTB1069/11 issued today 19th December provides detail and advice on the Fire Kills campaign which is reminding people to stay safe in their home this Christmas and not let fire ruin their Yuletide celebrations.

Dave writes, in the LTB that a recent survey by Rockwool revealed a surprising number of people admit to leaving their Christmas tree lights plugged in when they are out of the house and leaving candles unattended in their home. He also adds that the start of the festive celebrations bring a whole cocktail of fire risks into the home - slower reaction times that result from alcohol consumption to the potential dangers of overloaded plug sockets and flammable decorations.

Most people are aware of the dangers of fire but often think 'it won't happen to me'.
The reality is that it could happen to anyone. The majority of accidental house fires could have been prevented by people taking a little more care to minimise the risks of fire in their home or by being more careful. In many cases, damage could have been reduced if smoke alarms had been present or working properly, as an earlier warning could have meant fire crews were alerted earlier.

Going into some detail, the LTB makes for serious reading and provides common sense and simple advice, which sadly, too many people ignore; resulting in unnecessary and potentially fatal risk to themselves and their loved ones.

But if you do nothing else, install a smoke alarm

The LTB also attaches a document on the Fire Brigades free home fire risk survey that can be obtained by contacting your own local fire service.

In conclusion, Dave sends this festive message to all:

From all of the team in the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department at CWU HQ we wish all Members, Representatives and Branches a safe and very Merry Christmas.

The full LTB1069/11 can be downloaded here

Source: CWU

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