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Minutes Show Cameron Met NHS Advisor Britnell Despite Denials

As reported yesterday by Unionsafety, during Prime Minister Questions David Cameron was asked about Mark Britnell, who said the NHS would be “shown no mercy” in its privatisation. Cameron replied: “I’ve never heard of this person in my life”, and tried to turn the tables around by saying he was actually linked to the previous Labour government.

However, Sunny Hundal, a reporter from the left of centre website, Liberal Conspiracy; challenges this in an article published today 19th May:

“But this is odd coming from the Prime Minister for several reasons. First, Britnell was appointed by Downing Street just days ago to a “kitchen cabinet” of advisors who were to meet regularly to offer Number 10 advice on NHS policy.

Did Cameron not even know who was advising him? Did he not meet them?

Second, Mark Britnell was chief executive of NHS South Central during the Labour government. The health authority covered the Oxfordshire area, including David Cameron’s constituency of Witney.

A briefing paper published by the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust has evidence that David Cameron then did meet Mark Britnell. It details a meeting between David Cameron and health officials, including Mark Britnell, on 16th February 2007.

Britnell was appointed NHS South Central’s first chief executive in 2006. Either Cameron didn’t pay attention who was building a hospital in his own back yard, even after meeting him, or he’s lying.”

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Source: Liberal Conspiracy

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