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NW BTU Co-ord Chair Says Urgent Action Required To Save NHS

The NHS as we know it is under threat from drastic changes contained in Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill and the tory led coalition governments aim to privatise through stealth, the NHS. Don't forget they are the party that was totally against the 1948 introduction of a national health service.

RIP NHSThe bill has now cleared the committee stage, and will soon be going on to its third reading in the Commons.

It’s vitally important that we engage with MPs now, to make them aware their constituents are against the re-organisation of the NHS which will in effect, privatise it!

Gone will be the common service to all, and with the advent of GP practices controlling funding and determining where and who the health care service providers are, eventual changes such as local prescription pricing, ever increasing costs to government in funding private health companies through the NHS budget could be the result.

This will mean money from the NHS budget going into private hands and making national health care as expensive as it is in the United Sates.

Derek Maylor, Chair of the NW BTU Health & Safety Co-ord is asking everyone, as a matter of urgency to email or write to their MP without delay:

“ The NHS is about to be totally privatised if the Coalition government have their way with the Health and Social Care Bill and it becomes law. Things are moving fast as the government wants to plough through all opposition to the Bill and ensure it becomes law.

The people in this country will be shocked and appalled when they realise the full impact on the NHS and what the privatisation of health care in this country will mean.

It is imperative that all of us who can see this and are against the Bill, don’t just sit and watch this happen, but get up and fight back.

Click to email your MPEmailing your MP today is the first step – do not under-estimate the effect that receiving thousands of emails will have on your MP, irrespective of which political party they represent.”

You can contact your MP by sending an email direct to them by clicking the pic on the right.

You can also read what the medical establishment, the BMJ has to say about the Bill and the tory intention to abolish the NHS and read the basic facts here

Northern TUC flyer on NHS re-organisation (privatisation) here

Source: Unionsafety / TUC

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