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Support CWU's Bite Back Dangerous Dogs Campaign E-Petition To Government

CWU's Bite Back campaign aims to raise awareness about responsible dog ownership and get new laws in place to protect people who are attacked on private property. The Union first launched the campaign in 2008, a year which, once again, saw attack after attack on CWU members by out-of-control dogs.

click here to sign the e-petitionMost victims, but not all, are postal workers who suffer some terrible injuries as a result of being attacked by uncontrolled vicious dogs. This can lead just to physical and mental injuries to the victims, but also trauma to their families and even loss of employment.

The Union has launched an E-Petition to the Government demanding that the Dangerous Dogs laws are replaced with one single piece of legislation which will help prevent dog attacks on CWU members going about their lawful work and members of the public such as children from being attacked.

With currently over six thousand signatures, the e-petition can be signed by clicking on the pic to the left.

Dave Joyce, CWU health, safety and environment officer, has spearheaded the CWU's campaign for legal reform:

"It's outrageous that hard-working and conscientious people, providing a whole range of vital public services have been, effectively, treated the same as criminal trespassers by the law. We desperately need new laws to protect victims and promote responsible dog ownership to prevent attacks taking place."

Dave has issued countless LTBs, written countless letters to MPs and members of the House of Lords, and had many meetings with interested parties and organisations since the start of the CWU Bite Back campaign in 2008. The latest exercise in the campaign, apart from a recent meeting with Lord Taylor in November, reported elsewhere on this website is the E-Petition; and Dave is hopeful of a massive number of signatures to the petition in order to focus the Government's mind on actually doing something to help prevent the appalling number of dog attacks and the consequences for the victims; that still continue despite previous legislation.

'Bite-Back' Campaign objectives are:

* new UK wide laws, that prevents dog attacks on postal workers, children and others
* the dog control laws to apply everywhere including private property
* the introduction of new preventative Dog Control Notices (or 'dog ASBOs')
* new measures to make owners more accountable and responsible for the actions of their dogs
* better enforcement of the law by the police and local authorities dog wardens
* harsher sentences by the courts for offending dangerous dog owners
* compulsory insurance cover for dogs
* microchipping of all dogs
* raise awareness of the serious problem and generate support

See also: Harsher Sentencing Guidelines Issued To Judges In Dangerous Dogs Cases

Source: CWU website

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