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The Day The Death Warrant For The NHS Was Signed- 19th July 2011

“You might think that historians will record last Tuesday as the day the Murdoch empire was brought to book by MPs. Yet I suspect that in years to come, they will realise the significance of that day, not for the phone-hacking scandal but for the health service.”

That is the opening paragraph to one of the most chilling headlines ever to have appeared in the pages of the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The article, written by the Telegraph’s columnist, Max Pemberton who also happens to be a practicing doctor with a degree in Medicine; alerts the sleeping MP's and great British public to the fact that the end is now in sight for the NHS.

The second paragraph is no less disconcerting:

“While the nation’s attention was focused on the most powerful man in the media attempting to dodge questions and cream pies, this was a good day to bury bad news. And the Department of Health duly obliged.”

The article is a timely warning about the beginning of the end for the NHS, as Andrew Lansley, aided by blind and complacent MPs on all sides of Parliament; slowly and stealthily goes about the dismantling of the NHS!

Lansley’s first port of call on 19th July is highlighted by Max Pemberton:

“Andrew Lansley explained that from April next year, eight NHS services worth £1billion, including musculoskeletal services for back pain, wheelchair services for children and adult community psychological therapies, will be opened up to competitive bids from the private sector.”

Max PembertonHe explained further:

“This means that in these areas, the NHS will no longer exist. Sure, the logo will still be there, but the NHS will no longer be national, any more than British Telecom is.”

The starkest comment in this whole article then followed:

“There is no doubt that this signals the first wave of privatising the NHS. Yet MPs of all persuasions continue to be deluded.”

Sadly as might be expected from Daily Telegraph readers, the comments at the end of Max’s article, are simply scathing of the NHS, highly critical of Max Pemberton’s article; and wholeheartedly in favour of NHS privatisation.

You can read Max’s full article here

Perhaps you can add your own comment at the end of the article too.

Write to your MP about the privatisation of the NHS by stealth - find your MP here

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UPDATE: Lansley has written to The Daily Telegraph's letter page in response to Max Pemberton's article, claiming he will never privatise the NHS, but defends the use of private companies. Misleading heading of ' Choice of wheelchairs' You can read it here

Source: Daily Telegraph

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