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Unison Video Welcomes All To The Future NH$

UNISON has released a new video today 2nd September warning of the threat to the NHS from the government's Health and Social Care Bill, which returns to Parliament next week.

Click to view videoThe video, Welcome to the New NHS, was funded by the union's general political fund.

It makes the point that plans for more private providers, while lifting the cap on the number of private patients NHS hospitals can treat, will mean a two-tier health service where people with the money to pay can jump the queue as NHS trusts facing cuts are tempted to put cash ahead of medical need.

That was a point also made by the BMA today, with doctors' leaders calling for the bill to be withdrawn.

Within hours of its launch, the UNISON video was proving a hit on social media such as Twitter and Facebook,

Comments included:

  • "Great UNISON video on risks to NHS";

  • "Brilliant and funny";

  • "Brilliant video by @unisontweets explaining what Cameron's Health Bill really means";

  • "A trade union has made a political campaign video. And it's funny. Kudos!;"

  • "It'd be funny if it wasn't so true";

  • "brilliant and funny, yet terrifying";

  • "The New NHS - Perfect for those times when you just can't be bothered waiting for sick people to be treated first!".

UNISON's launch of the video comes at the start of the "Big NHS Weekend" which will see campaigning activities up and down the country to highlight the threat faced by the health service and to put pressure on MPs before they vote on the Health and Social Care Bill next week.

You can also contact your MP and urge them to vote against this unnecessary and destructive top-down reorganisation of the NHS here

AS has been promoted by Unionsafety for some weeks, the TUC is organising candle-lit vigils for the NHS as MPs vote next Tuesday and Wednesday (6 and 7 September).

If you can't get along to a vigil yourself, you can take part in an online vigil by adding your face to a mosaic here

Watch the Unison video here

Source: UNISON

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