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Wheel Chair Bound Pensioners Use London Bus In Demonstration

In a week during which nation wide demonstrations in support of the NHS and Disabled people took place, a small group of Pensioners and Disabled People braved the bad weather in London last week to protest against the damaging effects that benefit cuts will have to their lives, while employment prospects for many remain non existent.

Three protesters handcuff themselves to a bus, two of whom were in wheelchairs, bringing traffic in Oxford Circus to a standstill. Many passers-by supported and applauded this action by a small group of determined and elderly campaigners. During the time they were chained to the bus, a queue of over twenty buses backed up behind them, bringing the traffic in Oxford Circus and side roads to a standstill. The keys to the handcuffs used were nowhere to be found!!

Whilst the national TV news media ignored this and almost all other protests, it was once again up to social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to publicise the true facts about public anger at the NHS privatisation, Health & Safety cuts and general cuts to support and services for disabled people and the elderly.

Some of the comments which follow the video on Youtube contain comments from members of the public attacking the elderly and disabled as scroungers, and sadly verbal and physical abuse of the disabled and elderly by members of the public are on the increase.

Meanwhile, the Trade Union movement is organising major support for the elderly and disabled fighting these cuts as well as the wholesale attacks on the NHS and Health & Safety legislation.

Source: Youtube / Indefilms

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